Updated on: Saturday, December 19, 2020, 12:41 AM IST

Indore: Killer beau, daughter held after hot chase in cop murder case

Arrested between Mandsaur-Ratlam; couple wanted to flee to Rajasthan but changed plan following cop alertness
Jyoti Prasad Sharma |

Jyoti Prasad Sharma |


Indore: After Thursday morning’s trauma at Aerodrome area where a cop and his wife were clubbed to death and the daylong chase yielded results as the daughter of constable Jyoti Prasad Sharma and her boyfriend were arrested between Ratlam and Mandsaur post-midnight. They were planning to settle in Rajasthan. A sickle and a slaughter knife were recovered from the accused and the boyfriend is being questioned.

DIG Harinarayanachari Mishra said constable Jyoti Prasad Sharma and his wife Neelam Sharma were found brutally murdered at their house in Rukmani Nagar area under Aerodrome police station jurisdiction on Thursday morning. The couple’s 16-year-old daughter and her boyfriend Dhananjay are prime suspects in the case as their role was found to be suspicious.

Police teams were constituted to resolve the case. The teams examined more than 200 CCTVs at various locations and managed to get details about the girl and her boyfriend.

Police said they wanted to go to Rajasthan but later changed their plans seeing the police alertness and surveillance. Sources claimed that they were arrested while they were returning back to the city from Mandsaur on a bike.


They stole Rs 1.19L from safe

DIG Mishra said it was a well-planned incident. The accused had arranged the sharp-edged weapon before the crime. Around 4 am on Thursday, the girl opened the door for her boyfriend Dhananjay. He first attacked the girl’s sleeping mother and after that he attacked her father. He repeatedly hit them on their heads and ensured that they died on-the-spot. The girl’s mom Neelam was sleeping in the hall while her dad Jyoti Prasad was sleeping in another room. Possibly, Jyoti Prasad had consumed liquor last night, due to which he was inebriated and couldn’t even resist the killer. Some injury marks were found on their hands though. After the accused killed the couple, their daughter entered the house and they stole Rs 1.19 lakh from the almirah and fled.

It may be noted that the girl was spotted with her dog on the road even as the crime was being committed inside the house.

//Motive of the crime

The girl wanted to live with her boyfriend Dhananjay but her parents were not ready for the same. Her father Jyoti Prasad had an argument with Dhananjay a couple of days ago and reportedly slapped him. Even as the urge to live with Dhananjay was intense, the girl could not muster courage to flee. She was also afraid that her father would take police help to rein in Dhananjay. The accused told the police that the girl was provoking him to commit the crime so he went ahead after meticulously planning the murder.

//DIG awards cop team with Rs 20000

The police team which investigated the case and managed to arrest the accused after their identification within 12 hours will be awarded with Rs 20000 by DIG Mishra. The team did a laudable job and collected information about the accused in a short period. On Friday, accused Dhananjay was sent to three-day police remand while the girl was sent to a juvenile home. The police team led by Aerodrome police station in charge Rahul Sharma is investigating the case.

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Published on: Saturday, December 19, 2020, 12:41 AM IST