Indore: City reports 23219 cases in past 20 days, 7% patients unvaccinated

The active tally stands at 23183 out of which only 233 admitted to hospitals, COVID Care Center including 54 on ICU/HDU beds

Tarun Tiwari | Updated on: Sunday, January 23, 2022, 05:57 PM IST

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Representative Photo |

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): There is no respite to the citizens from the increasing number of COVID-19 cases as the daily cases are reaching new heights every day.

As many as 23,219 cases were reported in the first 20 days of January, according to records of the health department. It is the second highest number of cases reported in any month since the outbreak of the pandemic in Indore.

Out of the total number of positive cases found in the first 20 days of the month, as many as 7.1 % of the patients were unvaccinated. Similarly, about 1% of them were vaccinated partially.

“Out of these 23219 patients, 1662 were those who didn’t take any dose of vaccination, while 183 were ones who took the first dose of vaccine,” an official in the health department said.

Nonetheless, out of these 7% unvaccinated patients, 73 percent (about 1209 patients) were those below the age of 15 years, i.e. not eligible for vaccination.

“The major concern is the remaining patients who didn’t take the dose of vaccine so far. Total patients admitted to the hospital include most of those who didn’t take vaccine doses so far,” the health officer said.

Meanwhile, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr B S Saitya said that people must take the vaccination as soon as possible as it provides an extra layer of protection from the deadly virus. “Those left to be vaccinated must take the doses as soon as possible as it’s the only way to stop the spread of the disease,” Dr Saitya added.

23183 active cases, only 233 admitted to hospitals, CCC

According to the health department’s record, there are 23183 active cases are in the city. Out of these active cases only 233 patients are being admitted to the hospitals or COVID Care Centres in the district.

Out of these 233 patients, 193 are hospitalized while 40 are admitted to Covid Care Centres including 24 patients in Maa Ahilya Covid Care Centre and 16 in Manpur Covid Care Centre.

54 patients on ICU, 39 on Oxygen bed

Out of 233 patients, 54 patients are on ICU/HDU beds in various hospitals including the highest 10 in Shri Aurobindo Hospital. Similarly, 39 patients are on oxygen beds including the highest 18 patients in MRTB Hospital.

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Published on: Sunday, January 23, 2022, 05:57 PM IST