Indore: Antisocials ‘park’ themselves… have a jolly good time

Indore: The Central Parking Services behind Benchmark Building under the Total Building Solution Company has become a hub for antisocial elements. People merrily drink, smoke and hangout in the parking lot in the absence of security guards and surveillance. In a bid to generate revenue, the company has given the parking lot to banks and buildings around the parking area who, in turn, have removed all security systems and kept the parking space open to all. However, they provide Rs 12 lakh to the TBS Company on an annual basis and TBS hands over Rs 10 lakh to the IMC.

The TBS Company which is reeling under cash generating issues… is helpless over the lawlessness at the parking lot.

In its two other parking areas, one behind Raghunath Petrol Pump and the other behind Marriott hotel, the scene, as far as making money, is no great shakes. The parking lot behind Raghunath Petrol pump is chargeable and hence does not attract many. And the one behind Mariott hotel has been leased out to a company which deals in old and used cars and TBS gets Rs 3,60,000 from it. The chargeable parking lot behind Raghunath Petrol pump fetches TBS Company Rs 25,000 per month.

Bound by contract, TBS Company has to foot the remaining amount till 2022.

Corroborating the above mentioned facts to Free Press, the CPS manager, Manoj Jaweriya, said the scene at the parking lot behind the Benchmark building is pathetic. The parking lot does not even have a security guard and has been left open for all. Due to this carelessness, antisocial elements’ presence has been plaguing the parking lot.

In the other two CPS parking, nobody is allowed to stay in the car after parking the vehicle and CCTVs surveillance is there but in the CPS behind the Benchmark Building no such checks are done and people are seen sitting and halting in the premises.

On this, IMC officials said if any mishap occurs, TBS Company will be held responsible not and the civic body as these properties have been leased out.

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