Indore: ​Aged couple take ​​'ulte saat phere', reach court to legalise divorce​​


In a bizarre incident, a septuag​​enarian man and his 65-year-old wife took ​​“ulte saat phere” ​(going round the fire anti-clockwise) ​of fire and reached Indore family court seeking ​its approval ​to formalise the divorce.

They submitted an application in the court informing that they did not wish to remain in the wedlock any longer. They told the court that they had completed “ulte saat phere” as suggested by a pandit and wanted legal approval of the court for their separation.

According to information the couple was ‘locked’ in ​their house during the lockdown and ​during that period differences between them increased​, so much so that it escalated to a divorce.​

They mutually submitted the divorce application and sought for divorce​ with mutual consent.​ They did not come with any relatives in the court and they both are petitioners in the court, court officials said who demanded anonymity.

Officials added that ​there are many ​such ​divorce ​cases ​filed by senior​ ​citizens in the court.


//In Mutual Consent divorce

STEP 1: First ​m​otion involves joint filing of divorce petition.
STEP 2: Husband & wife appear before court to record statements after filing of petition.
STEP 3: Court examines petition, documents, tries reconciliation, records statements.
STEP 4: Court passes order on ​f​irst ​m​otion.
STEP 5: Cooling off period of six months given to couple by court to rethink decision.
STEP 6: Filing of ​s​econd ​m​otion is done within 18 months of ​f​irst ​m​otion.

STEP 7: Decree of divorce passed by the court.

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