Factory on Sanver road caught fire

Indore: Fire broke out in a factory located on Sanwer Road on Tuesday afternoon. The fire also engulfed nearby buildings and godowns and one employee was reported to have received burns. The fire brigade had a tough time in controlling the fire.

According to S-I Shivnarayan Sharma of Fire Brigade, the fire broke out in Easy Cool Solutions Pvt Limited, engaged in manufacturing cooling pads of coolers.The fire broke out at 1.30 pm on Tuesday and there was utter chaos all around the factory.

Factory employees and nearby people tried to douse the fire but were not successful. Meanwhile fire brigade had reached the spot and it too found the going tough and it was nearly late in the night when the fire was finally doused. However, the building was still smoldering despite using up 27 water tankers.

The fire had reached a godown nearby and the loss of property in the two buildings is estimated to be in lacs. One employee of the factory, Rashid Alam, had sustained burn injuries during the fire and was rushed to hospital by his colleagues.

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