Vicky Ratnani
Vicky Ratnani

Indore: Snacks during a cinema is a must for most and celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani showed how to creatively excite the taste buds during a movie, and he did so with an Indori touch. Ratnani who was here to attend a programme at a city mall, prepared two dishes with authentic Indori ingredients ‘Sabudana and Garadu’, with a special twist: Garadu Stick Fries and Sabudana Risotto. He talked to Komal Rajpurohit at the sidelines of his show.

How did you get into this profession? If not chef which profession would you have chosen?

I never wanted to join my father’s business; I always loved food but I wasn’t sure of becoming a chef. Then, my best friend’s mother who used to work in a hotel advised me to be a chef saying that it would offer me a satisfying career with a different set of opportunities. It’s been thirty years and I think I chose the right profession. If not a chef I would have been a food and travel photographer.

What is your favourite cuisine and what you like to cook the most?

My favourite cuisine is Sindhi food and I love to cook Sindhi biryani, which is a very popular dish and served in most of the restaurants.

What are your three most favourite ingredients?

It is very hard for me to choose the three most favourite ingredients but I think salt, ginger and saffron are the three.

How do you work under pressure?

I love working under pressure, as without it life would be very boring. I believe that working under pressure is a healthy way of working.

What do you like most about Indore’s food?

I love the people of Indore, their culture and their spirit. The way they celebrate food is amazing and they are eating all the time. There is food everywhere and you can get it whether it is 2 am to 3 am.

What is your strength and your weakness?

My weakness is food and my strength is my cooking.

How do you take rejection in life?

It is a part of life. But I think that if you do not get something, you should not take it as rejection, rather you should believe that it was not meant for you. If something is meant for you, you will get it, and if not you will never get it.

The chef you admire the most?

I admire Manjit Gill

What is the role of creativity in a chef’s life?

Being a chef is all about creativity. It is there in every step of our work and it is the most sought after quality in a chef. If you stop being creative as a chef your life is over.

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