Every student has a unique path and route to success/ Representative Photo
Every student has a unique path and route to success/ Representative Photo

Indore: Central Board of Secondary Education declared class XII board examination results yesterday and will be declaring class X results today, i.e. July 15. While the results delight some students, many students end up feeling depressed and disappointed after results.

Not everyone fails to clear the exam, but most students fail to feel elated as toppers shine through with their success stories. Not long after the result was announced on Monday, an 18-year-old girl reportedly committed suicide in Chandigarh.

Before students lose their confidence and take up such harsh steps like every year, we urge families to deal with all such emotions beforehand.

Parents must note that according to NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau), every hour, at least, one student commits suicides and 28 suicides each day are recorded on an average.

As guided by experts, this is how you can turn the result day around and ensure healthy and happy kids:

Warning signs, get psychiatrist help if you notice

· Long lasting sadness or irritability or anger.

· Low mood (even if the mood is not good, like if it is good to talk to your best friend and then get back the mood)

· Excessive fear, or anxiety (too much fear, tension or excessive thinking)

· Frequent complaints of physical symptoms, such as headaches and stomach aches;

· Sleep and/or appetite problems like sleeping too much or too little, nightmares, or sleepwalking

· Distance from the society for a long period (not meeting, talking to and ignoring people)

· Dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits (too much difference in daily routine)

· Addiction (addiction to any particular task or substance)

Understand the steps of success

Do you remember your childhood when you learnt walking, cycling and other task that seem too normal today? You must remember that you fell several times before learning to take your first steps as well.

Fear of failing and falling has limited our growth and life. Get rid fear out of your system by telling yourself, “I am daring and courageous, that’s why life challenges me with these little speed bumps.”

- Indore Sahodaya Complex of CBSE schools

Dealing with other people’s reaction & competition

· Stay away from social media and avoid posting your results, as it is less likely to make you or your friends feel great.

· Never forget that they're just grades. In a few years’ time they'll probably be long forgotten. So stay focused on the most important aspects of your life.

· Try to relax, meditate and learn about your strengths.

- Dr Smita Agrawal, Consultant psychiatrist

How to move on from the result & start afresh?

Find new ways, take a break, meet some new people and try to generate new ideas.

· Stay away from negative people, i.e. anyone who makes you feel down about life with their pessimistic attitude.

· Don’t rush, give yourself some time and spend with nature, play sports and heal from whatever happened.

· Read success stories and you will realise that the greatest legends had the biggest failures.

· Do your own self-analysis by knowing your SWOT, i.e. your strength (include all your talents and skills), weakness (where you feel you need to grow and learn more), opportunities (find all the future possibilities where your strengths work) and threat (what is hindering your success).

· A recent research showed that one out of every ten other people are afraid of failure and fear leads to depression and one in every 100 people feels suicidal. Don’t be that one, never fear failure.

A word for Parents

“I appeal parents /relatives, friends not to make negative remarks and post messages on social media or phones that can demoralize those who have scored less. Be very sensitive about this issue and keep your children in good spirit in words and behaviour.

I never topped in my examinations results in my life but with the Grace of God, it’s because of my parents I am able to do whatever I dreamt, wished, planned and decided. Marks are important but the ‘Remarks’ you give to your children are more important and will affect their life.”

- Padma Shri Janak McGilligan Palta

CBSE helpline

The 23rd edition of post-result counselling facility will be activated by CBSE with the help of 95 volunteer principals and trained counsellors from within affiliated schools located in and outside India.

Students and parents struggling with results can contact CBSE helpline on 1800-11-8004 till July 27 on all days from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. The Post-Result Counselling is provided to help students and parents address common psychological issues and general queries related to exam results.

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