Anti Caa Prostest at Badwali Chowki in Indore
Anti Caa Prostest at Badwali Chowki in Indore

Indore: Anti-CAA protestors at Badwali Chowki are going the extra mile to ensure that common people are not inconvenienced in any way due to the protests and have even reduced the space which they are using for the protest – only the Jama masjid ground, apart from keeping vigil to ensure that there are no provocative speeches.

The added precaution comes after the violence in northeast Delhi that has claimed over two dozen lives in the last couple of days.

Cleanliness at 3am: They are maintaining cleanliness at the protest site and parking area. A team of volunteers cleans the entire protest site and the surrounding area between 2 am and 3 am. This is being done over and above what the IMC is doing, said Anis Qadri, one of the protestor

Close surveillance: One of the protestors, Maqsood Chouhan said that they have installed CCTVs for surveillance of the entire protest site. This is apart from the surveillance set up by the police in the area.

Regular food supply: “We have arranged a team of volunteers by assigning the duties related to providing food, maintaining cleanliness and managing the crowd at the protest site”, said Zaid Pathan, one of the protestor.

Parking facility for visitors: “We have arranged a separate parking space at a plot near the protest site to ensure there is proper flow of traffic in the area. We have ensured that no protestor or visitor blocks any road that causes problems to commuters and those who live in the area, ” Iqbal Rana, one of the protestor.

Strict on trouble makers: We are very strict towards protestors who try and create any problems through their action or provocative speech. We are ensuring that each and every protestor should behave properly and not use any language that can hurt anyone’s sentiments, said Faheem Sheikh, another protestor.

Active on Youtube: Imran Khan, one of the protestor said that recently Sikh community members volunteered to hold a (Langar) for the protestors. Also, religious leaders from all the communities have visited the protest site. Protestors have also developed a Youtube channel with the name “Badwali Chowki” on which multiple videos are uploaded. There is also a video of Sikh saint chanting “Jo Bole So Nihaal” and the crowd is chanting “Sat Sri Akal”.

Managing in protest

*Keeping surveillance on all

*Maintaining the cleanliness and parking

*Volunteers to ensure smooth flow of traffic

*Action against those raising provocative slogans

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