Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya

He might be bankrupt, he might be facing continuous grilling by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) but he is still living under the title -- the King of Good Times. This is none other than but Vijay Mallya, who turns 65 on December 18.

Vijay Mallya and his swanky lifestyle

The flamboyant and controversial businessman of India, Vijay Mallya is counted among the top business tycoons in India. Although he remains in the news mostly for charges of financial crimes, his net worth, and assets are also the things that attract the attention of the people. Here’s detailed information about the Net Worth and Assets of Vijay Mallya, once called the “King of Good Times:”

Touted as a billionaire, Vijay Mallya dropped from Forbes’s illustrious list, following the debacle of Kingfisher Airlines. Once having a Net Worth of $1.1 billion in 2011, he dropped to $800 million in 2013. When Forbes dropped him from the list of billionaires, Vijay Mallya tweeted: “Thanks to the Almighty that Forbes has removed me from the so-called billionaires’ list… less jealousy, less frenzy, and wrongful attacks.”

Fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya is broke, bankrupt and living off his partner, personal assistant, a business acquaintance, and his children, according to submissions made by banks in the London High Court.

The court learnt that Mallya's "partner/wife Pinky Lalwani" pockets about Rs 1.35 crore (150,000 Pounds) per annum and that he is only left with Rs 2,956 crore (328 million Pounds) in personal assets, which he has put forth in his settlement offer to the Karnataka High Court.

These details on were part of Mallya's response to a bankruptcy petition presented by 13 Indian banks on September 11, 2018, which will be heard in December 2019.

Vijay Mallya and his 'wives'

Mallya is also said to be romantic in real life. He has been married twice (or thrice?) earlier and Ms Lalwani is suspected to be his third wife.

Sameera Tyabji

While travelling to the USA on an Air India flight, he saw SameeraTyabji. Vijay fell into the amazing beauty of Samira instantly. He befriended him and soon decided to marry Samira. Vijay married Samira when he was 28 and running a big business empire. They had a son within one year named Sidharth Mallya.

Vijay Mallya Birthday Special: From multiple wives to swanky lifestyle - known the 'King of Good Times'

Rekha Mallya

After divorce, Vijay lived a lavish life hanging out with cute girls. But, in 1993, he got the news that Rekha, his childhood love, has got another divorce. Vijay soon proposed Rekha and they got married. Vijay and Rekha have two daughters and both of them are staying in the USA.

Vijay Mallya Birthday Special: From multiple wives to swanky lifestyle - known the 'King of Good Times'

Pinky Lalwani

Pinky is a former Kingfisher Airlines employee and a companion of Vijay Mallya in his good as well as bad times.The 62-year-old liquor baron Vijay Mallya is reportedly set to marry his longtime girlfriend and former Kingfisher air hostess Pinky Lalwani. This will be Vijay Mallya’s third marriage.

Vijay Mallya Birthday Special: From multiple wives to swanky lifestyle - known the 'King of Good Times'

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