This Republic Day, Sadhguru wants you to ask yourself this one question
This Republic Day, Sadhguru wants you to ask yourself this one question

Sadhguru, Founder-Isha Foundation, in his Republic Day 2021 Message, wants all the citizens to forge ahead with this one question in mind, - "What I'm doing right now, is it good for this nation?"

"I beseech every one of you, young or old, to take up this much. Whatever you're doing from today onwards, whatever you're doing, 'What I'm doing right now, is it good for this nation or not good for this nation,' please keep that in your mind. With this one thought, I am sure we, as a nation, as the Bhavya Bharat that it has always been, once again it can manifest in the next few years. On this Republic Day, let us take this commitment. Once again, we will make this into a Bhavya Bharat," Sadhguru said on the occasion of India's 72nd Republic Day.

Sharing his thoughts on Twitter, Sadhguru said, "India has been a Republic for 71 years but a Cultural Nation for thousands of years. It is in the hands of the young people of this country to once again make this Culture so vibrant that it enriches the life of everyone on the planet."

Sadhguru says that we, without an argument, are the oldest nation on the planet; but as a nation, we came together not because of sameness of religion or sameness of language or race as most nations are made, we came together as the most diverse form.

Elaborating it further, he said, "Those who look at us from outside, think we are an impossible chaos. But our chaos is like, if you compare a manicured garden with a forest, those who have lived in manicured gardens will feel lost in a forest. But if you don't tend to the manicured garden for a month, it will be no garden at all. But forests have been there for millions of years. So what looks like chaos on the surface is a very resilient organization of its own. Above all, as a nation, we have always been the land of seekers, not a land of believers. Seekers means we have invested in our ignorance. Understanding the intelligence of ignorance is very important."

"In this living cosmos, what we know is a very puny little thing. What we do not know or our ignorance is of boundless nature. Our ignorance is really boundless. So we have always invested in this, that is why this is a land of seekers. This has been our strength – we have never been a very organized process, but individual genius always unfolded in this country because we did not believe anything. We were always seekers. This is understanding the intelligence of ignorance, understanding that the phenomena of life is always on full fire if you're in a seeking mode. If you come to a believing mode, you settle down but when you're in a seeking mode, you're continuously on fire. So this fire we have exhibited for thousands of years, we should not lose this fire because this is where our growth is, this is where our future is."

"We must bring this land to the greatness that it has always enjoyed through millennia. So it's time to do that," Sadhguru added.

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