Updated on: Tuesday, December 07, 2021, 02:05 PM IST

There was need for discussion on Nagaland ambush issue: Shashi Tharoor slams Centre


New Delhi: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday slammed the Centre over the Nagaland ambush issue and said that there should have been a discussion in the House but Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister had walked out without taking questions.

Speaking to ANI, Tharoor said, "We should have had a discussion. Home Minister and Defence Minister should have addressed the House and listened to what House has to say. Instead, you gave a very short statement and walked away without taking questions. This is why the Congress party walked out in protest." Speaking about the Nagaland ambush, Tharoor said, "First of all, why did this happen? Second, what kind of intelligence structure do we have when such a faulty piece of information can lead to the loss of so many innocent lives. Third, why was it necessary to fire without taking normal interrogative action? These are the questions to which no answers were given," he said.

"In a state where the Govt claims to be engaged in very successful peace talks, look at the kind of condition they have reduced the state to today. In our Congress party manifesto, we had said that AFSPA has to be reviewed. We can't afford to let it be perceived by people as something that allows security forces to act with impunity," he added.

Earlier on Monday, Home Minister Amit Shah had termed the killing of civilians by security forces in Nagaland a "case of mistaken identity" and informed that a special investigation team (SIT) has been formed with direction to submit its report on the unfortunate incident within one month.

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Published on: Tuesday, December 07, 2021, 02:05 PM IST