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Maha Endgame: Will Devendra Fadnavis do a Yediyurappa and resign before floor test?


On Wednesday, all observers will wonder if Fadnavis is going to face Yeddyurappa’s fate. The situation in Maharashtra is very similar to the one in its neighbouring state Karnataka.

After the 2018 Karnataka Assembly election, the BJP managed 104 seats, INC got 80 and JD(S) 37. The majority mark was 113, and Governor Vajubhai Vala invited Yediyurappa to form the government, despite JD(S)-Cong claiming they had more seats.

The aggrieved parties knocked on the apex court's door and the SC ordered a floor test which would be live telecast, much like it did today.

However, even before the floor test could begin, Yeddurappa resigned. He told the house: “I am going to resign as chief minister.... I will go to Raj Bhavan and submit my resignation.I will not face confidence vote... I am going to resign.”

His resignation paved the way for the JD(S)-Cong combine to form the government. The government would however crash after what came to be known as ‘Operation Lotus’, Yediyurappa took oath on July 26, 2019.


Devendra Fadnavis, the current CM, faces a similar predicament. BJP won 105 seats but face an uphill task to prove a majority. Ajit Pawar, who extended support and became the Deputy CM appears to be under the cosh with most NCP MLAs backing Sharad Pawar.

Similarities between Maharashtra and Karnataka

- BJP was the single largest party in both scenarios but failed to cross the halfway mark. However, in Maharashtra, BJP had a prepoll alliance with Sena who pulled out over the former’s refusal to share the CM seat.

- Sena-NCP-Cong formed a post poll alliance much like Cong and JD(S).- Despite the alliance claiming majority, the governors of both states asked the BJP leader to form the government.

- There were hectic parleys and trips to resorts for all involved, some of them to other Congress-ruled states.

- Aggrieved parties approached the SC who slashed the time given by the respective Governors for the floor tests.- SC ordered that both floor tests be done with live telecasts and no secret ballot.

The Maha Story

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court cracked the whip and laid down strict guidelines for the Floor Test for Devendra Fadnavis to prove he indeed had the majority in the Maha assembly.

The SC asked for the following conditions:

- Floor test to be held on November 27 by 5PM

- Proceedings of floor test to be live telecast

- Protem speaker to be appointed and only agenda to be floor test

- There will be no secret ballot

No secret ballot means that it will be evident who each party is voting for. Also at play here is the true identity of the NCP whip. As of now both BJP (+NCP) and Sena-NCP-Cong are claiming they have a majority.

BJP+ vs Cong-Sena-NCP: What numbers are both parties claiming?

A day after the grand parade at Hyatt Hotel where a host of NCP-Cong-Sena MLAs took an oath pledgint their allegiance to the alliance and its respective leaders – Sharad Pawar, Sonia Gandhi and Uddhav Thackeray – both parties are still claiming a majority in Maharashtra.

The Sena-NCP-Cong alliance claims it has a total of 162 MLAS.

Break-up – Sena-NCP-Cong alliance

Sena (56), NCP (50), Cong (44), Ind and smaller parties (12)

Total: 162

Break-up – BJP and NCP alliance

BJP (105), NCP (54), Oth (11)

Total - 170


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