IPS officers D Roopa, Sandeep Mittal fume over not being followed by IPS Association on Twitter

Indian Police Service (IPS) officers D Roopa and Dr. Sandeep Mittal are furious now as the IPS Association has unfollowed them on Twitter.

D Roopa, who is an IPS officer from Davanagere, Karnataka, took to Twitter and said asked the IPS Association that why is their Twitter handle following celebrities, TV anchors, and other well-known people but not its own officers. She tweeted, "Dear @IPS_Association, u follow @RGVzoomin @juniorbachchan @bomanirani @SriSri @washingtonpost @rahulkanwal & all,but don't follow ur own? Y? Bcoz we show u mirror? Before u get likened to nepotistic bollywood club, learn from @IASassociation who follow none except IAS officers.

In the following tweet, she asked on what basis were they unfollowed. "Dear @IPS_Association, u unfollowing @smittal_ips now or unfollowing me long ago is based on what judgement? If u are diverting our membership fee towards maintaining this twitter handle, treat my contribution as "donation" to u, not as membership fee," she said.

"@smittal_ips sir,why bother if our @IPS_Association doesn't follow u? It is not following me for long time now, nor do I follow it. @IPS_Association follows all,including politicians& journalists, except their own members, while @IASassociation doesn't follow any except their own."

Roopa's comments comes ahead of her peer Dr Sandeep Mittal's tweet who earlier tweeted his concerns after he was unfollowed by the association's Twitter handle.

He tweeted, "IPS Association belong to us. Can @IPS_Association tell me who took the decision to unfollow @smittal_ips. Is it being run like a private company?"

Mittal is an IPS Officer of 1995 Batch and holds the position of Additional Director General of Police.

However, now, Mittal has stated that he was told by a senior IPS officer from the association that he he was not unfollowed intentionally. "A senior officer of the IPS Association spoke to me and convinced me that @IPS_Association did not intentionally unfollow me. I accept this statement of the IPS Association and give this issue a complete halt here. I no longer have any complaints from the IPS Association. Jai Hind."

Earlier, Mittal had also said, "Is it true that a retired & posted in a central government #IPS Officer told @IPS_Association to unfollow Sandeep Mittal by telling him that he Tweets against @pbhushan1. Is @IPS_Association anyone's (@pbhushan1) private property?"

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