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Students today look for challenges, improvement and growth. With an aim to learn and excel in a variety of interests and an innate curiosity , they keep up with information from various sources, be it from books, journals, articles, the internet, or a combination of these. Olympiads are exams held for students to compete in a healthy environment, practice, learn and grow, they are provided with an opportunity and a common platform, nationally or internationally to showcase their skills. It is in the process of things that they improve upon their skills, striving to excel and the proper feedback they are provided with allows them to focus and develop on their interest.

The Olympiads are quite sought after tests because they have various associated benefits:

  • These tests serve to boost student’s morale and confidence.

  • The Olympiads serve to familiarize students with the exam environment, helping them prepare for competitive exams.

  • The syllabus aligns with academics hence it benefits the understanding of a subject.

  • It inculcates a habit of practise and revision, which aids academics.

  • The effort put in preparing for such exams, improves mental ability and sharpens one's skills of logical reasoning, understanding of practical approach and analysis.

  • It provides students exposure.

  • The detailed feedback report helps students to understand and improve upon their weakness.

  • The certificates serve to acknowledge students efforts and improve upon their overall academics.

Indian Talent Olympiad is one of India’s most renowned organizers of Olympiads. To cater to the variety of interest, Olympiads are offered in various subjects. The team at Indian Talent Olympiad is comprised of individual experts of their field who aim to provide a student with the best of educational services trying to bring out the best in them by challenging their understanding and helping them improve on it.

Here are some quick tidbits to help you know more about Olympiads by Indian Talent Olympiad:

  • Eligibility-The Olympiad eligibility is as follows:

  • Syllabus-The syllabus for the exams are tailored to guide the student in the best way, and suit all their requirements, keeping in mind the different educational boards. Hence all students between classes one to ten can appear for the exams irrespective of their educational boards, the questions are set based upon their standard.

  • Options-The Olympiads are offered in eight subjects. Students can choose one or more subjects as per their interest and convenience.

  • The Olympiads are:

    • International Science Olympiad (ISO)- Focuses on topics related to science, hence one's understanding and logical reasoning pertaining to it are put to test.

    • International Maths Olympiad (IMO)- It is for the maths enthusiasts to showcase their expertise.

    • English International Olympiad (EIO)- It aims to test student’s grammar, sentence structure and the aspects related to the language, for it is one of the most widely used languages and helps students develop a firmer grasp upon it.

    • General Knowledge International Olympiad (GKIO)- It tests students all-around knowledge pertaining to a variety of subject and events.

    • International Computer Olympiad (ICO)- For the emerging tech-savvy generation to put their skills to the test.

    • International Drawing Olympiad (IDO)- To test and encourage the budding artists, with skill and an eye for creation.

    • National Essay Olympiad (NESO)- Writing is an art in itself and the olympiad tests the associated skills for an individual interested in it.

    • National Social Studies Olympiad (NSSO)- This Olympiad focuses on various aspects of the subjects of geography, history and civics.

  • Registration-The Olympiad registrations begin at only Rs 150 so that willing individuals can apply for it simply.

  • Students can enrol via their school or register individually on the official website

  • The exams are conducted monthly or annually, so a student can choose from either based upon their convenience.

  • The registration can be easily done at the official website of the Indian Talent Olympiad.

  • The registration process is quite simple, but should anyone need guidance, assistance is available.

  • The exams are held both offline as well as online media.

  • Language-The entire process of resource distribution, as well as the exam, are carried out in English.

  • Resources-Various resources are made available for the students, these include previous year’s papers and structured workbooks that are frequently updated to aid the students well, the topics discussed chapter wise emphasizing important points and such.

  • All resources including the exam papers are available online for easy access to all students via mobile, laptop, tablets and similar devices.

  • Pattern-The Olympiads are set in an MCQ format to help the student get used to the pattern, it prepares them for participation in competitive exams in the near future.

  • Some of the Olympiads are held in two tiers, in which a participant has to clear one round to move to the next one.

  • The pattern for the exam remains the same for all the subjects excluding Drawing and Essay.

  • Overall Question Paper Patterns include problem-based figures, series completion, odd one out, coding-decoding, mirror images, embedded figures, symmetry, and alphabetical test questions.

  • The complexity of the question papers depend upon the class. For each class, questions are prepared considering their knowledge, ability, and reasoning capacity.

  • A further detailed glance into the exam pattern is as follows:

For classes 1-4

For classes 5-10

  • Results-The results are made available on the official website, one can easily gain access to it by entering their roll number on the portal, the details along with participation certificates are made available here. Should the student hold distinct merit, the prizes are mentioned in the portal itself.

  • Rewards- Indian Talent Olympiad believe in catering to student’s educational needs in the best way possible, hence to encourage them, students are rewarded based upon their meritorious performance in the test, a summary of these exciting prizes are:

  • All participants receive a digital certificate and a detailed report of their performance.

  • Indian Talent Olympiad maintains a winners gallery to honour and encourage bright young individuals while trying to inspire future individuals as well.

  • Feedback report-The students are provided with a detailed feedback report so that they can analyse their performance and improve upon it.

Indian Talent Olympiad has worked with over 33,175 schools and Millions of students across India to date. Every year there have been thousands of students who have been awarded prizes, this year too the team looks forward to awarding many such bright individuals.

The efforts of the Indian Talent Olympiad have been praised by many. Ms P.T. Usha, the renowned Indian Olympic athlete, a Padmashree awardee, and the head of the Indian Talent Olympiad advisory committee has been vocal about it, expressing her congratulatory remarks and warm regards, the clip can be found on the official website.

The registrations are now open for both schools as well as individuals.


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15th November 2021

We look forward to encouraging the bright budding individuals. Our best wishes.

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