'Fungal infection is not a communicable disease': AIIMS director Randeep Guleria after first case of yellow fungus reported in Ghaziabad

The Union Health Ministry today putting a light on the rising fungal infections - black fungus, white fungus and newly detected yellow fungus said that the colour of fungus can be seen differently if it develops in different areas. Dr Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS Delhi today while addressing media said that fungal infection is not a communicable disease and the colour of fungus can be seen differently if it develops in different areas.

Mr Guleria explained, "People with low immunity are infected with mucormycosis, Candida and asporogenous infections." These fungi are mainly found in sinuses, nose, bone around eyes and can enter brain, it is also occasionally found in lungs(pulmonary mucormycosis) or in gastrointestinal tract," he added.

Speaking on the post covid issues, the AIIMS director said, "There are few symptoms that are seen after recovering from COVID-19."

"If the symptoms are seen for 4-12 weeks, it is called ongoing symptomatic COVID or post-acute COVID syndrome. If symptoms are seen for more than 12 weeks, it is called post-COVID syndrome," he added.

He said that chronic fatigue syndrome if seen that it requires symptomatic treatment. He also revealed that there's another symptom generally termed as 'brain fog' on social media which is seen in covid recovered people who find difficulty in concentration and suffer from insomnia and depression.

There had been speculations that covid transmits through animals to humans on which he clarifed that there is no data that shows that the virus spread from animals to humans. "We only have data showing that the virus spread from humans to animals as seen in a zoo in New York during the first wave," he said.

Meanwhile, as the country battles the Covid pandemic, besides its twisted off-springs the Black and White fungi wreaking havoc, now the first case of Yellow Fungus has also cropped up in Ghaziabad.

ENT Specialist B.P. Tyagi has claimed that there is a patient of Yellow Fungus in his hospital, who is undergoing treatment. The 45-year-old patient, resident of Sanjay Nagar in Harsh Hospital, Ghaziabad, is suffering from yellow fungus as well as black and white fungus.

As far as the symptoms of this disease are concerned, there remains sluggishness or lethargy in the body while there is less appetite, due to which the weight starts decreasing. Body wounds also heal very slowly.

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