From chicken biryani to conversion therapy: This Twitter thread has everything from any 'Hindu-Muslim teen romance'
From chicken biryani to conversion therapy: This Twitter thread has everything from any 'Hindu-Muslim teen romance'
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A Twitter user’s thread on her experience of having a Muslim boyfriend in school has Twitterati sharing their versions of inter-religious relationships that has everything from an Ekta Kapoor daily soap.

The Twitter user, Tanvi S shared a thread on how she started dating a ‘shy, studious and extremely decent’ Muslim guy with a Hindu best friend and a super sweet family who always wanted to feed her Biryani. The 12-tweet-long thread transforms from a romantic series based in the USA to a small-town couple facing inter-religious relationship issues in India.

Tanvi shares her experience of being loved and cared for by her boyfriend’s family while she cautiously flaunted the Hindu-Muslim relationship in front of her parents as well. While both sides were pretty comfortable, it didn’t take long for the loving boyfriend’s family to transform into a stereotypical Muslim clan with only one mission, convert a Hindu girl into a Muslim.

The story traces all the highs and lows of any masala movie, Tanvi goes on to share about how once she was left alone in the house with the boyfriend who tried to make a move but didn’t and even apologized the next day filling in perfectly for the role of a shy, studious and extremely decent guy.

When Tanvi took a break from visiting his place, his mother called her and said she was missing her and wanted to feed her Chicken biryani. After enough consideration, Tanvi did go to meet the boyfriend’s sweet mother. However, seeing a Muslim woman reading Quran in her house shocks Tanvi and the drama unfolds.

The boyfriend’s mother keeps reading asking Tanvi to sit next to her for 15-long minutes. She then offers to read the Quran for her. Tanvi listens and shrugs it off saying, my mother reads the Hanuman Chalisa too. However, the woman then tells her to avoid such thing as they are ‘infidel stuffs.’

The thread then proceeds to explain how she ran to her parents and narrated the incident. The father cried, the mother cried and her brother was sent to the boy’s house when he tried to reconnect.

With no disappointments to any fiction lovers, Tanvi also cites the lord Shiva for not letting her fall in the Muslim family's trap. She goes on to paint an imaginary picture of what a possible future with a Muslim man would look like and that is '3 kids with one more in stomach.'

The long Twitter thread had a lot of Twitterati sharing their own version of teh story. One user with the name Satya wrote about how his christian girlfriend drugged him and tried to turn him into a christian with the help of a pastor friend.

This story also has Hindu lord as the saviour, Satya was able to break out of the conversion therapy by chanting 'Jai Shri Ram'.

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