Scourge of superstitions: The lengths people go to in order to appease the gods
Allison Shelley

A recent crime show on TV portrayed the reality of prevailing superstitions in our country. It laid bare a ghastly episode of child sacrifice, perpetrated for appeasing gods and receiving their bountiful blessings.

What can be a bigger paradox than the brutal fact that some retrograde people still cling to the view that gods and goddess, if irate, can be propitiated with the killing of innocent neo-natals whose souls are pure and spotlessly clean?

In fact, killing of any innocent living beings, whether humans or animals, at the altar of deities with the view of placating them is nothing but a crass medieval attempt of an uncouth, uncultivated and uncultured mind. We humans must free our morbid mind from the clutches of ignorance that makes our senses hazy.

Scourge of superstitions: The lengths people go to in order to appease the gods

More superstitiousness in store when 68 girls in Gujarat were forced to take off their clothes by their warden who wanted to ensure that no girl who was menstruating should be allowed to participate in an ongoing religious ceremony in the college.

It is infuriating to witness the way hollow ritualistic patterns set by patriarchal misogynistic society are still prevalent in this so-called post modern era.

When the women of the day have proven their mettle in the prodigious growth of the entire world, it is indeed bizarre to find that they are still forbidden to pay obeisance in certain places of worship as it may not be their ‘right time’ which refers to their natural biological menstruation cycle.

Scourge of superstitions: The lengths people go to in order to appease the gods

This absurd restriction reflects that the rot is deep in our society. The move raises the hackles of every right thinking individual. No god would ever feel incensed and indignant if a woman during her monthly cycle touches an idol in a temple.

In fact by imposing such kind of checks and restrictions, the so-called custodians of religion are surely setting a very wrong precedent. Therefore, it is indeed the right time to dissociate the despicable taboo and shame attached to menstruation which is a natural and a biological process that all young and adult women undergo.

Dwelling on the initially raised issues of human and animal sacrifices to please the gods and goddesses the truth can not be refuted that that these celestial beings have nothing to do with man made parochial dogmas.

Virtues like compassion, bonhomie, benevolence and affection are the jewels of their crown.

The forces of divinity do not ever derive sadistic pleasures neither do they, in any fashion, condone the appalling and abominable killings of living beings.

Unfortunately India is still a country fraught with gullible masses who are fleeced by umpteen phony necromancers. Such notorious sorcerers have vitiated the environs in many parts of country. Inarguably, they are available a dime a dozen in the remote and rural areas where majority of the masses are entangled in the cobwebs of illiteracy.

But what startles us all the more is the fact that even many highly qualified people have fallen easy prey to the devious design of these predators.

These fleecers claim to wield some supernatural powers which they proclaim can bring a plethora of material prosperity and mental serenity to the devil’s disciples.

Having admitted that the forces of darkness have their own tooth and claw and can cause devastation and destruction at the will of their manipulative and wicked masters, it can not be gainsaid in any manner that the divine is the mightiest force which, in constant conflict with the satanic powers, has always stood valiantly victorious.

Our scriptural knowledge will come handy here and we all will concur with the fact that in a battle between good and evil, it is only the good that prevails in the long run and has the last laugh.

Thus, credulous people must shun their credulity and not allow their wits to go wool gathering by slipping into the snares of such pseudo Babas.

The scourge of mindless superstitions has already done great damage to our society. Therefore lets us knock some sense into our clogged minds and pave our path of peace and prosperity with the sacrifice of our deeply ingrained villainy at the altar of God.

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