Singer/Songwriter/Producer Tarana Marwah AKA Komorebi: Art Is How I Deal With And Process My Emotions

Singer/Songwriter/Producer Tarana Marwah AKA Komorebi: Art Is How I Deal With And Process My Emotions

The 30-year old New Delhi based artiste, looks back on a year spent skillfully navigating between creating a bold sophomore album and composing background scores for popular OTT shows

Vijayalakshmi NarayananUpdated: Tuesday, December 26, 2023, 06:59 PM IST

The year 2023 has unfolded like a dream, especially when considering the numerous milestones achieved by Singer/Songwriter/Producer Tarana Marwah, also known as Komorebi. However, it's essential to recognize the countless weeks, months and years of tireless dedication that the New Delhi-based artist has invested to establish her presence in the challenging Indian music industry. From conceptualizing her recent album The Fall, to creating groundbreaking music videos, releasing a thematic comic book, and contributing to the background score of two of 2023's most loved Indian OTT series (read Dahaad and Made In Heaven Season 2), Tarana has covered significant ground.

As she prepares to take the global stage at Lollapalooza India Edition 2 in a month, Team Free Press Journal engages in a conversation with her to reflect on a year that has brought forth the fruits of her laborious efforts.


We're roughly a week away from bidding goodbye to 2023. How do you look at what the year has brought you?

This has been one of the most important, milestone years of my life and career. All the fruit of the hard work has slowly grown in my garden. I feel grateful for all the people that helped make this happen. It has been an amazing learning experience and it's inspiring me to do so much more with my artistry. Wonderful year, knock on wood.

Coming to your sophomore album, The Fall, the musicality reveals a lot of personal anecdotes. Is it easy baring yourself for the sake of art?

It comes very naturally to me, at least. Art is how I deal with and process my emotions. It’s what speaks from within me when I can’t find the words to say out loud. I suppose I’m shielded from any negative perspective from others more often than not, I’ve never had anyone give me grief for being honest. People resonate with realness. As a human being I’m comfortable enough with my flaws and messier experiences to face them head on.

You feature in the music videos I Grew Up and Watch Out, which have been elaborately styled. Did you feel reluctant at first before facing the camera because a lot of artistes are perceived to be camera shy.

Absolutely! However the constant gigging, the music videos, live performance videos - all of this is a great opportunity to grow as an artist and a performer. My next goal is to become a world class performer. I watch videos of my favourite female artists - like Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Rosalia, Bjork - and take notes. I want to evolve in this aspect and hope I’ve made some progress already. You tell me?

The Fall features some stellar collaborations. Take us through them.

Easy Wanderlings are so amazing that I just had to feature their signature sound on the record. Blackstratblues and Dhruv Visvanath are old friends and all-time favourites for the way they handle the guitar. I want to keep collaborating with artists from different fields - comic book illustration, unreal engine, fashion, music, art - to create something larger than life. This has always been the end goal.

Songs from the album made it to the ramp at the recently concluded edition of the Lakme Fashion Week. How did it feel to watch the latest collections of designers Payal Pratap and Falguni and Shane Peacock being unveiled to your music?

Stunning! The models, the music and the overall experience. I think the soothing music sat very comfortably over Payal’s melancholic parade of blues and whites. The models were all so beautiful. I felt incredibly seen and special, and I’m personally invested in the marriage of fashion and music.

Your latest single Nindiya finds a fitting glimpse in the recent Amazon Prime Video docu-series Rainbow Rishta. How did that happen?

The director of the show JD Sarkar reached out to me with his team, they had heard my track Chanda and were interested in syncing the song. When we realised it would not be possible to do this, I wrote Nindiya in two days to make up for it. It played over Lush Monsoon's story and is definitely a tear jerker for me.

Lastly, you'll hit the road, this winter with Lollapalooza India Edition 2. Can we expect Komorebi or Kiane to take to the stage?

I’m going to go all in as a performer and bring some giant energy on stage. I really can’t wait to get everyone into one single place so they can witness the new live band featuring incredible musicians - Tanisha, Ritwik, Suyash, Danik. The visuals and outfits will all be in theme too. Good gig.