Saturn And Its Impact On 4 Zodiac Signs In 2024; Know If Yours Is One Of Them

Saturn And Its Impact On 4 Zodiac Signs In 2024; Know If Yours Is One Of Them

The predictions are based on Moon Signs as per Vedic astrology

FPJ Features DeskUpdated: Friday, January 05, 2024, 07:10 PM IST

The figure 2024 adds up to eight – figure of Saturn. This makes Saturn the planet that calls the shots throughout the year. The planet of discipline and disciplinary action will ensure result-oriented action for many. Most of us will be forced to stick to our resolutions and be focused for most of the time.

Saturn plans to stay in Aquarius for the entire 2024. It rules Aquarius, so it is comfortable there even when it goes retrograde for almost five months in the same sign. Since the planet is known to dole out justice, be cautious. As you sow so you reap – do good and you will be rewarded with abundance but one bad karma, and your plate will be full of bad days. Treat your finances respectfully.

Also, be considerate in all relationships. Do not cross the line while arguing or contemplating. This is advised for personal and professional relationships.  To increase the complications, Rahu and Ketu also are in transit mode in January.

Saturn forms a conjunction with Ketu during 2024. This is called the ‘Shadashtak Yog’ in Vedic astrology. This is happening while Ketu remains in Virgo. Not a great time for most signs as Saturn is in Aquarius, a water sign and Ketu (shadow planet) in Virgo, an earth sign. Finances, health might suffer. However, some signs are going to be profited by this Shadashtak Yog.  

Let us find out which are the signs likely to be positively impacted and how. This prediction is based on Moon Signs as per Vedic astrology.  

Taurus (Vrushabh) 

Caution is the key during the Shadashtak Yog. But you are a lucky bull. Careers may receive a boost. You might find yourself spoilt for choice if you are thinking of a job change. Do not be surprised if you are promoted out of turn or get a surprise bonus. If the partner in any business, you might get more control in 2024 with the scales tilting your side in more than one ways. Just be careful with investments. Do not blow up the extra cash that might come your way. 

Leo (Simha) 

Parents’ health might be a concern. But that’s just one side of the coin. Look at the brighter side. If you are planning to give any exams, you will be just too good. Your brains are going to be super sharp with the Saturn helping you to judge things well and giving an edge to your instincts. Your spiritual side may need nurturing and you might do a spiritual excursion or decide to meditate. Travels abroad are also possible for education or business. but please plan well to avoid glitches, especially during Saturn and mercury retrograde phases. Singles will bump into someone interesting or finally decide to settle down with a partner.  

Virgo (Kanya) 

A bumper time for entrepreneurs. Business will grow faster than expected. You will also gain a powerful position in the society as a mentor or speaker at a conference where your views will be applauded. Materialistic buys are indicated. Buy that dream house; it might come cheaper than expected. Career growth is also indicated. Be careful with your words while conducting negotiations with anyone – family, friends or professional associates. One wrong word could just throw the things off balance. Don’t neglect your health.  

Libra (Tula) 

Love marriage is on the cards. Plan to settle down with the sweetheart. You are also going to be benefitted financially — an inheritance, pay raise, bonus — anything is possible. Change of job or promotion also on the horizon. Keep up your hard work and that will give you great results. Spirituality is the key word. Big news is that even the atheists might feel an inclination towards religion or spirituality during this odd Shadashtak Yog. There might be an addition to the family as someone might announce a baby bump.