Revolver Ranee: Airdrops, the way ahead

Soon, we'll require helicopter services for local travel, especially to yon Mumbai-Pune. Considering the toll we pay for that badly maintained expressway, it's better we pay to be air-dropped. As if the expressway potholes are not enough, there're more lying in wait on the Eastern Freeway, and rubble too.

Speaking of aerial visits, the one Motabhai took has set tongues wagging about Fadnavis’s diminishing influence. Stories are flying about and seems like Chandra (moon) is the flavour of this season.

With villages being washed away, our state might just be vying for the title of Maha Dhobi Ghat. Not straying from the truth, honest. That the city of Pune was not completely drowned is a surprise, though many areas resembled construction sites, going by the amount of rubble, mud and trash strewn about. No point talking of the traffic, there is nothing to honk about.

What is with Deolsaab, the dhai-kilo haathwala, folding those flexing muscles after visiting the RSS founders. Guess, it's payback time. Want to see how long he endures. Or we may very well brace ourselves for the sight of a weeping strong man. Will be rather fun.

Now that the festival season is upon us, yes, with a short break for pitrupaksh, in which we remember our forefathers, which too is nothing short of festive, we will start getting terror alerts. Interesting, these. Every Ganpati, new photographs are released with terror alerts.

No agency or police has told us the status on the ‘terrorists’ who have entered Mumbai and where they have lost their way. Rarely have we heard of them straying into any lock-up or jail. Just lurking out there, somewhere.

Talking of crime and law, the state’s legal head has given a new definition to video-recording the accused, victims and witnesses in court. In a never-heard-till-now statement, the legal head claimed if the court allowed video-recording, it would mean only visual recording, NO audio. Such lovely muktafala we get to hear.

The judge added that video recording means only CCTV camera footage. How to stop laughing, asked the junior. Me toh needs medication to hold on to sanity.

I like the guts of pop singer Miley Cyrus. She is cracked or family is edgy we have read, that is all subjective, because this girl has the guts. She has a fling with men, women, and most of all, has the guts to say NO. It's not that life is all fun and games, but one makes the most of what one has got and she has understood this rather well.

It may not always be that a romance has a fairy-tale ending. Miley has realised this and her courage to twerk at what life has offered is what sets her apart. Criticism only eggs her on further.

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