#Game Of Thrones themed ‘everything’, is splashed all over social media. The frenzy and excitement around the much-favoured series didn’t seem to abate especially since the release of season 8 was announced well in advance. Superstars and commoners alike took to the series like a prayer, soaking every aspect of the complex plot with much gusto. The show has made some momentous hallmarks in the world of television, pretty much changing the dynamics in the business of production.

The essence

The advent of GoT in 2011, started with a very close adaptation of RR Martin’s fantasy novel. The chronicle circumvents around the dynamic struggles among a realm of noble families for the Throne. But David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, took a serious departure from the original story, only retaining the major milestones from the chronicle in order to dramatise the plot, making it more gripping for viewers.

Audiences have ranted and raved about the critical aspect of it being a rather dark series. The show seemed to impact, and draw them in an enigmatic fashion that hard to define. One cannot annul the violence and nudity that pretty much changed the nuances of censorship on prime time. The videography has been artfully devised with every aspect of the fantastical era that was kept in mind complete with immaculate costume, make-up, cast and crew. The series has been named as one of the most expensive productions of all times where the lead could have earned up to a whopping $2 million, per season.

Web Series Review: Game Of Thrones — Great show that displayed spoilsport traits towards the end

The End —Much hyped

Episode 1 is relatively calm, preparing viewers for an upcoming storm in the endgame. The plot gradually builds on viewer’s expectations. Suspicions and mistrust riddle the season, heightening aspirations. The plot slowly evolves, drawing in all characters that have loosely been scattered over various seasons, in the end game. This gives viewers an ill equipped sense of closure to a glorious prime time fantasy show.

The story stirs viewers onto a much anticipated battle between the living and undead creatures of the Night King. On the other hand, Jon Snow (Kit Harington) defends Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) from his countrymen in the north, stating that they don’t stand a chance in battle without her.

The premiere has evidently made Snow aware of the Reveal; one being, that he has a legitimate claim to reigning as the King of Westeros, a revelation that throws his fidelity; leading Daenerys to suspicious bouts of anticipation, as who could actually take over the throne. While the episode started on a rather slow note there have been instances where one could witness an unwarranted pace, discounting on the quality of the plot.

According to Keto enthusiast, and founder of brand Mafia Chef and Lo/Cal, Devansh Jhaveri, “The plot takes an unexpected and undesired turn, tail spinning on a reputation that GoT has built up over the years! I could hardly believe that I actually waited for the last two episodes for this kind of result. It was upsetting indeed to learn of the same. I have even stumbled over sites urging GoT fans to sign petition requesting the production houses to remake the last two episodes as per the viewers expectations.” According to, viewers have stated that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, make for the most incompetent writers.

End Note

Overall a great show that displayed spoilsport traits towards the end. It seemed like the production was done with the hard work, they just wanted to wrap it up, and did so at a rocket fuel pace. The shallow end could also pave the way to a more dynamic show of the likes of GoT.