Siblings Day 2022: Kajal Aggarwal and sister Nisha spill the beans on their bond, childhood secrets and the former's pregnancy

Kajal and Nisha are only a year and a half apart, and they have been inseparable ever since their childhood.

Sagarika Choudhary | Updated on: Sunday, April 10, 2022, 12:37 AM IST


Actress Kajal Aggarwal needs no introduction. One of the most popular and highest-paid artists down south, she has tasted sweet success over the years and has carved a niche for herself.

Kajal might be a superstar for her fans, but her very own superstar is none other than her younger sister Nisha Aggarwal. On the occasion of Siblings Day, The Free Press Journal got in touch with the sisters for an exclusive tête-à-tête.

Kajal and Nisha are only a year and a half apart, and they have been inseparable ever since their childhood. “Nisha has been there for me throughout my life. She is my closest person, my confidante, my soul sister, whatever you want to call it,” Kajal gushes.

Nisha chimes in, “We are almost like twins. We have literally done everything together, from schooling to hanging out with friends to travelling, everything!”

The two have a lot of qualities in common, they say. While Kajal believes that their non-judgemental nature is the one major quality that they share, Nisha feels that it is OCD that is the most common factor. “We both have the same OCD. We always like to keep our things organised and want everything to be done in a certain way. We are very particular about little things,” Nisha explains.

But it's not only similarities between them and there are some differences as well. “She is far more patient than I am. We have different choices in fashion and decor as well, but we also very well know what the other one likes,” Kajal reveals.

Nisha, on the other hand, says that she is her own person and does not sweat much about what others expect from her, but Kajal is someone to whom the expectations of people in her life matter a lot, and she works very hard to fulfill them.

During the conversation, the sisters also took a trip down memory lane and shared some funny moments from their childhood. “Our father was a little strict. We used to sneak out of the house all the time, and the other one made sure to keep it a secret. There have been times when I have quietly opened the door for Kajal at night, and there have also been times when I purposely didn’t open it so that she would have to call up dad (laughs),” Nisha states.

Kajal has a rather emotional memory that will forever stay with her. She shares, “I remember I was going through some typical teenage stuff, and one night, I just sat upright on my bed and started crying. And without uttering a single word, Nisha got up too and hugged me tight until I fell asleep again.”


Kajal is expecting her first child in May, and Nisha is equally excited about it. Nisha avers, “For a long time, my son Ishaan has been wanting a sibling, and I’ve been directing him to Kajal. And now that the baby is finally on the way, I cannot put into words how happy I am. I feel like I am going to be a mother again!”

Nisha has been there by Kajal’s side like a rock throughout the pregnancy. “She has been helping me deal with my mood swings, hormonal changes, cravings... all of it. She has already experienced this phase, so she understands me really well. She has also been shopping a lot for the baby,” Kajal says.

"Nisha is going to be the best maasi for my kid. I don't think she has any distinction in her mind between Ishaan and the baby to come," she adds.

Kajal with her nephew Ishaan

Kajal with her nephew Ishaan | Photo: Instagram/@nishaaggarwal


On a parting note, when asked if on Siblings Day the two have something to tell each other that they have never expressed, Nisha was quick to say that there is nothing unsaid between Kajal and herself.

Kajal did have a little revelation on her mind though. “I love my nephew Ishaanu more than I love Nisha. There, I have finally said it!” she signs off.

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Published on: Sunday, April 10, 2022, 07:00 AM IST