Masaba Masaba web series review: Unabashedly refreshing, while rooted in the Indian millennial’s reality!

The story

This Netflix Original sees celebrity mother-daughter duo Neena Gupta and Masaba wade through the numerous curveballs that life throws at them in this fun, adults-only show. Turns out, Masaba’s indeed a ‘hot mess’ and likes it rough — pun unintended.

The review

A newly divorced celebrity fashion designer, Masaba, is on the verge of a mental breakdown. Well, the reason isn’t hard to figure: She is unable to deal with the “hot mess” that her life really is. Dwindling finances, an intrusive investor who constantly hounds her for collection updates, ghastly dates and random sex with an ex are just some of the issues to get started with.

But, through it all, one thing is certain: This girl is blessed with an “incredible survival instinct” – as her inept therapist (essayed by Pooja Bedi) puts it. This sets the tone of the show, which is quite a (sophisticated) comedy of errors!

Beyond the glossy gigs and a snazzy lifestyle, Masaba’s life is shrouded in uncertainty and a grim reality. While Masaba is unsure of the way forward, she clearly knows what she DOES NOT want: Living under the same roof with a fiercely independent and annoying actress mom (Neena Gupta), for instance. Would life be different if she had a better control over her life? The contemplation pushes her on a house-hunt in hopes that having a space all to herself will sort things out to a great deal.

But, for the better or worse, the ‘new beginnings’ open doors to a whirlwind of events that oscillate from downright comical to heart-warming as the show progresses. Masaba meets Jogi, a starving yet charming artist, along the way. And, her life’s never the same again. Spoiler alert: Turns out, he isn’t that bad an idea, after all.

Masaba’s journey is worthwhile, as season one (spanning six episodes) intelligently captures her life’s transition from inane confusion, heartbreak, sex with an ex and longing for acceptance. The show portrays Farah Khan as the quintessential Bollywood biggie who does everything, but stick to her words, leaving Neena distraught in instances more than one.

The real relatable drama that the designer’s life really is, traces the journey of a young woman who sees it all – from bumping into her ex-spouse’s hot new partner and discovering ‘high dick energy’ to braving through one of the biggest disasters in the history of fashion shows – and manages to get up after falling flat on her face.

Director Sonam Nair does a neat job of acing the balancing act even as some parts of the show tip to a downright outlandish level.

The biggest takeaway from the show is how the makers attempt to normalize real issues, assuring how “clichéd” things like finding true love and fulfilment are still things that people – including those with privileged lives and celebrity tags – yearn after.

Verdict: Vibrant, abstract and glamorously real – Masaba Masaba is a sprightly take on what really goes on inside The House of Masaba – when the shutterbugs stop. Switch everything off for an entire first half of a weekend morning.

Title: Masaba Masaba

Cast: Masaba Gupta, Neena Gupta, Pooja Bedi, Neil Bhoopalam

Director: Sonam Nair

Platform: Netflix

Rating: 4/5

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