Pillow talk
“I love to hug my pillow and sleep a lot,” she chuckles. “I wake up around 10 am on Sundays, in time to make it to church.” She doesn’t have a special lunch on Sunday. She admits, “I don’t have a specific day on which I eat something special. I am someone who prefer my routines and therefore I largely eat healthy food.” She qualifies it with, “I listen a lot to my body so if I get a sudden urge to eat a burger or a pizza, I indulge myself.”

Elli Avram: I love to hug my pillow and sleep a lot

Rooted to home
No short getaways for Elli on weekends. She says, “I am a very homely kind of a girl and so I have created a beautiful ambience at my home itself. In fact, I like my home so much I have most of my meetings at home too.”

Dancing queen
Elli skips the gym on weekends but “I sometimes put good music on and dance in front of my big mirror in my living room!” Binge watching films on Netflix or Prime Video is not her scene. She needs time for her “breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I love sipping on green tea.” Her beauty treatment on the weekend comprises wearing face masks, oiling her hair and occasionally going to a spa for a massage.

Elli Avram: I love to hug my pillow and sleep a lot

She neither says Thank God It’s Friday nor does she suffer from Monday morning blues. She reasons, “I love a Monday morning because it’s a new beginning to achieve something.”

Weekend plans
Elli exults, “My weekend plan is to go out of India for a performance I am really excited about!”

Skating back to the past
“As a teenager, I had my figure skating practice in my club. Apart from that, the weekend meant spending time with the entire family and sleeping as much I could. Now I spend a lot of time at work. But I am happy because I love my work; it’s not something that I perceive as something I’m longing to get away from. On the contrary, I would love to work every day provided I get my seven hours of sleep. My work is my biggest passion, therefore, the weekend doesn’t have much attraction for me.”

Afterthought: “Maybe I would have looked forward to my weekends if my parents lived with me in India because it would give me the opportunity to spend a good amount of time with them.”

No weekend concept

writing a journal
writing a journal

Elli Avram, the Swedish-Greek actress who has made Mumbai her home, says a weekend for her means, “Time to reflect, release and charge myself up with new energy for the coming days.” However, she underlines that “The profession I am in does not have anything such as a weekend. Sometimes a shoot or event does happen on a Sunday as well. So whenever I get a Sunday off I make sure to relax my body and mind. Apart from that I mostly catch up with friends or work on different things at my home.”

Though she is not a committed reader, she loves to write and paint. She emphatically states, “I am not a party person at all. I would rather spend time at home and be in bed early.”

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