Crackdown: A gripping narrative with power-packed performances

The story

The D.O. is a special task force formed by RAW. The body comprises of the choicest of officers whose resumes are questionable, but their abilities are steered for the greater good of the country. Highly specialised officers have been appointed to track down a terrorist named Hammid (Ajay Choudhary). Hammid has been appointed by a high ranking Pakistani military personnel, Tarique (Ankur Bhatia) to carry out a series of blasts in Delhi. The force has limited intel on Hammid. And, little do they know that some of the officers they are living with are members of Hammid’s team. Who are these officers? What happens when Riyaz Pathan (Sadiq Saleem) an able-bodied officer and Divya (Shriya Pilgaonkar) come across Hammid? Will the atrocities stop?

The review

The plot is gripping and goes on to show how sleeper cells operate. It takes years to plot and execute a terrorist mission. The series also delivers an important message asking people to be mindful of their surroundings. In a nutshell, reiterating stringent security measures that one must adopt in the format of a story.

Watching ‘Crackdown’ feels like solving the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, where every other piece could fit into another. The series meanders so heavily leaving no stones unturned at raising suspicions about every character. There are a few underlining flaws though. When DO office was spiked, how come no one noticed it? Not even on a camera recording? Also, the end is very abrupt. Riyaz helps eliminate the terrorist situation at the airport, but what happens to those terrorists that are already on the flight?

Saqib may have not been part of many films, but he has worked with some of the most well-known production houses. His craft has been suitably moulded to play Riyaz Pathan. He comes across as a typical sarcastic, yet diplomatic officer, whose tongue-n-cheek demeanour adds colour to this thrilling narrative.

Shriya Pilgaonkar takes the cake for being her versatile self yet again. From being a possessive sister and a simple Mumbai-based beautician to working for RAW; the transformation is awe-inspiring. Shriya takes to any part like fish takes to water. When she plays Mariam, she looks like a devout Muslim radical and essays the role very convincingly.

Zorawar Karla (Iqbal Khan) is a hot-headed and agitated RAW agent, whose experience with the body cannot be overlooked. His crass ways can certainly irritate an onlooker. If you look in retrospect that’s precisely what his role demands and he is very good at the part that he plays. Excellent work Iqbal, though the salt and pepper look are an added perk, you are certainly going to get noticed for your role in ‘Crackdown’.

Ashwini Rao (Rajesh Tailang) has an imperative part at setting the very basis of the plot. However, his mysterious disappearance raises a lot of questions. Overall, a gripping narrative! Yet, an absolute ‘no-no’ for the fainthearted.

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