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Celebrity Travel! Vacations are a kind of a digital detox for me: Bombairiya actor Siddhanth Kapoor


 …but Bombairiya actor Siddhanth Kapoor tells Shubarna Mukerji Shu that he also makes time for family vacations

Which is your favourite place you like to go to when you are in the mood for a vacation?
My favourite place for a vacation would be Amsterdam or maybe, even London. It all depends on the frame of mind or mood I am in.

How do you pick the place? Any research you do or do you travel on whim?
I am more of a travel on whim person, but like I said before it all depends on the mood. Sometimes, some places just call you!


Are you a mountain, sea or a land person?
I would say I am a beach and a mountain sort of person and I try avoiding cities and chaos.

Vacation with friends and family or solo travel?
Travelling for me is exploring new places, cultures, meeting new people and I love travelling solo. Barring that, a vacation with the whole family is a must for us keeping in mind our hectic schedules.

What inspires you to travel?
You will make me sound like I am on repeat: it all depends on the frame of mind, anything and everything can inspire you to travel, including work!


When you are on a vacation, do you indulge in some digital detox?
Travel teaches you a lot and I do learn a lot from it, it also helps me keep my phone at bay, it gives you that excuse. So to answer your question, yes, vacations are a kind of a digital detox for me and I have switched off my phone many times and it’s peaceful.

While holidaying, have you ever gone off the grid: Switched off your phone, not updated social media accounts, not spoke to anyone much?
I always do that, vacation for me is some me time, I always switch off from my work and most of the time my phone is off. I like it that way. It’s relaxing, rejuvenating and helps me bounce back.

Of the places you have so far visited, which were the best and worst based on your experience?
I have been blessed because I have had a brilliant time everywhere be it Barcelona, Ibiza, Amsterdam etc.


Dos and don’t every traveller must follow? What are the ones that your swear by for a comfortable travelling experience?
Dos and don’t while travelling would be leave your phone aside, you would be very comfortable.

How do you overcome jet lag? Any tips and tricks?
Have a good sleep at least for 3-4 days before taking long flights, have a good shower after you land, rest and have lots of water. It will relax you and will help you overcome jet lag.

What’s next on your travel bucket list?
Australia and New Zealand are on my travel bucket list.

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