Aditi learning the   Bollywood “game”

Aditi Rao Hydari has finally carved a niche for herself in the industry but in a recent interview the beauty said that when she stepped into Bollywood, she was clueless about playing the “game”! And now her aim is to become an “irreplaceable” actress.

“It’s all falling in place. I am happy that I have own place now. I want to be known as an actress who is irreplaceable. What is mine must only be mine,” the actress said.

Aditi came here in 2006 and since then has starred in films like ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ and ‘Delhi 6’. On being asked about her struggle in the industry so far as she doesn’t really have a celeb-connect, Aditi says that it’s a disadvantage to be an outsider in Bollywood.

Aditi said, “Not that anyone takes advantage of you. I firmly believe the way one is treated depends on one’s conduct and intentions. Of course, men will look at you in a certain way if you are single and attractive. I believe most men behave strangely with women when their wives and girlfriends are not watching.”

She further added, “So far I’ve had no bad experiences. But yes, it hasn’t been an easy journey for me. I didn’t know how to play the game. I wish I had people to tell me what to do, how to look for the right roles. In the absence of a support system I just did whatever I thought right… I do feel there are two distinct types of career opportunities in our industry -one for girls from film families and another for girls who come to the industry with no connections.”

When she was asked to elaborate a little more, the actress was quick to reply, “I am not saying, ‘Don’t favour actors and actresses from within the industry’. Why not? Lineage advantage is a given rule in every sector. Children of potters and entrepreneurs go into the family profession. Likewise, star kids. But at the same time, I think non-industry strugglers also deserve a chance. So there should be equal opportunities…Let us outsiders prove ourselves. For that, we need the roles.”

Looking back on her period of struggle, the actress says that she lacked experience, the required lineage and the diplomatic skills to make her way through the film industry earlier. As she said, “I may come from a very distinguished background. But that meant zilch to my career in Mumbai. No producer would give me a role just because my great grand-uncle was the governor of Assam or my great grandfather was royalty. I mean, who the hell cares where I came from?

“I was a raw newcomer with no one to tell me what to do. On top of that, I had no connections within the film industry. Nor could a hold a drink in my hand and mouth pleasantries at parties,” said Aditi who would be seen in distinctive roles in ‘Guddu Rangeela’ and ‘The Legend Of Michael Mishra’.

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