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Indian students attempt to help Mark Zuckerberg rename Facebook; check out their suggestions here

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Facebook, the one-stop online 'gupshup' (conversation) place is planning to change its company name in a week's time. The announcement caught youngsters and students off guard, given that Facebook has become a household name.

At FPJ we thought we'd do something fun and ask a bunch of students on the name they would choose if they had to re-christen Facebook. Most of these students are engaged in post-graduation studies while some are still pursuing graduation.

Have a look at the names they came up with and also check out their reasons.

  1. Krishna Mhankale (19), Bachelors in commerce 3rd year from Symbiosis - 'New Mate', as we make new friends and explore newbies

  2. Mitali Ghare (22), studying at Nottingham & Trent university - Scrollbook, as we keep scrolling and get engaged

  3. Yash Shirole (20) - 'The Snooping App', because it is literally easier to stalk people than any other social networking site.

  4. Apurva Nayak (23), Masters in engineering and management, Nottingham Trent University - 'Face Not Book,' because it is not just a book. Much more lies beyond it.

  5. Tanuj Hardikar (20) - 'Metaverse company' - The platform where exploring becomes easy - (the direction Mark Zuckerber is heading)

  6. Keegan Kaushik (18), 12th Std, Kolkata - 'Let’s Socialize,' because we can socialize with unknown personalities around the world.

  7. Smitesh Shama (22) - 'Friendsbook,' because it binds friends.

  8. Purva Gharat (23) - 'Friendshub,' because it is a hub for friends

  9. Malhar Nanavati (22), MBA final year - 'Namelook,' because it will sound different and it is other's names that people search on FB now.

  10. Tanishka Raskar (21) - 'The Communal,' because it is a social networking site and the name ‘communal’ perfectly goes along with it

  11. Aniket Saini (20) - 'Piped Piper,' because it is all about following

  12. Prateek Prakash (21), Bcom Hons - 'Intalks,' because it is a place from all across the world can communicate

  13. Jayesh Pandya (22), BBA Graduate 2020, GLS University, Ahmedabad - 'Openbook,' as there is little to no privacy at Facebook

  14. Jayesh Kothari (21), Electrical Engineering from NIIT Bhopal - 'Friendbook ,' because it is a place where friends chill and chit chat and have fun.

  15. Helina Honey D’souza (19) Bachelor of Arts - 'Fakebook,' because fake news spreads faster than the real story and fake accounts are created and individuals are harassed or sometimes their sentiments are hurt.

  16. Ujjwal Pandya (20), Computer Science engineering from Avantika University Ujjain - 'SocioConnect' - All you need to socialize

Malhar Nanavati (22) suggested 'Namelook' | FPJ Photo

Jayesh Pandya (22) suggested 'Openbook'| FPJ Photo


Prateek Prakash (21) suggested 'Intalks'| FPJ Photo

Jayesh Kothari (21), suggested 'Friendbook' | FPJ Photo

Ujjwal Pandya (22) suggested 'SocioConnect '| FPJ Photo


Keegan Kaushik (18) suggested 'Let’s Socialize'| FPJ Photo

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