Rape is not to be made fun of: TV celebs speak out on recent Jim Sarbh-Kangana Ranaut controversy

Actor Jim Sarbh and Kangana Ranaut have been the target of people’s ire recently. A few days back Jim, who was representing alcohol brand at a Cannes party, joked about rape. He said, “I’d rather be raped by 12 prostitutes than drink alcohol.” Kangana too could be seen laughing and clapping at the joke. TV celebrities give us their take on the same.

Abraam PandeyRape is a rape and nothing can change that. I don’t know why people are behaving insanely these days. Rape is against humanity and whoever is making fun of this probably don’t have a mother or sisters at home. They should think about their family before cracking jokes. These days, it has become a trend to make jokes on sensitive topics. I feel if all you can do is a joke about it, then you might as well shut up.

Ruhi Chaturvedi – Trivialising rape in any way is wrong. As a celebrity, you are under the scanner all the time. It’s very painful to see anyone laughing or clapping about such a sensitive issue. One should be more careful when talking about rape-related issues and how can we make the world a safer place for women. If you have the platform, use it for better things.

Vikas Grover – A rape victim is the only one who knows how traumatic it is. No one else can even begin to imagine what the person went through. It’s actually sad to know that people trivialise rape in this way. Celebrities need to be more careful about what they say as people follow their footsteps. They need to set examples for others and influence youth.

Akashdeep – It’s a cheap and low comment to make. Frankly, Jim is not a celebrity of any standing to be even taken seriously. Kangana was laughing? Well, she usually comments on such things, so she better be careful. Celebrities, especially those who are known to speak their minds, need to be very careful, as there will always be a backlash.

Sheeba – There are a lot of words which you use loosely without attaching the true meaning of the word. For example, I will kill you, or I will murder you are things that are said colloquially without much significance to the actual meaning. Having said that, on public forums, a little decorum is called for. But I also feel that the public needs to ease up a bit before attacking celebrities.

Amal Sehrawat – I feel this entire topic became controversial because of the wrong perception. Instead of getting offended by the word rape, people and authorities need to take strict action against the act of rape and rapists

Sheena Bajaj – Rape is a big issue in our country. Innocent children are being abused and killed. It’s certainly not a matter to joke about. I feel ashamed when such things come to light. It’s a huge disgrace and being a public figure, one needs to be responsible for what we say.

Vineet Raina – In my opinion, Rape is equivalent to murder, or even worse than murder. Rape is murdering the soul. And I am sure nobody wants to make fun or joke about a murder. It’s very disappointing when celebrities who are supposed to be role models make fun of rape and joke about it. I wonder how it even falls into a joke category for them. Jim Sarbh and Kangana Ranaut should apologise.

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