Vikas Goel
Vikas Goel

Most of us have gone through the process of examination during our school days. While some prepared for the exam by coming up with their own answers, others used Q&A guides with readily available answers. Obviously, those answers ensured that we clear the exams with good marks and stay informed of the related topics.

Compared with those times, writing today is completely different in every perspective. During the lockdown period in June last year, Vikas Goel was looking for topics to write for his blog. It was difficult to find ideas because of the limited trends available at that time. Interestingly, he found more questions instead of topics. And it was Quora that came to his rescue and provided a ready treasure of topics.

The intriguing questions on Quora were exactly what he needed to start writing. After going through the questions, Vikas Goel felt that he had many things to write and enlighten people there. Readers were looking for real answers from someone who had the experience and practical knowledge. He spent time reading answers of popular Quorans to understand what people were looking for, and soon realized that Quora is one of the best platforms to talk directly with curious readers.

"I did not just find the topics to write about but there was a purpose that drove me to writing more,” Vikas Goel says. With hundreds of questions related to his expertise and experience, DGTG Founder Vikas Goel presented a unique perspective to an audience even if there were already answers posted. His answers were soon shared in spaces over Quora and he appreciated the audience response. Interacting with people that way was something special in the era of blogging.

Before June 2020, he used to write blogs but the engagement with audience was not as close and strong as it was now. Quora has real people commenting, sharing and engaging in many ways.

At the same time, he was exploring more ways to connect directly with the audience and talking to them with his writing. The second platform that attracted him with a high degree of engagement was Reddit. Slowly, he started posting on Reddit and commenting. Again, he was clear with his aim in Reddit. His purpose was to get close to his audience and understand them deeply.

Karma in Reddit reflects the overall love you have received from the readers. Sometimes it is low and sometimes it is high, but you always receive the comments. Engagement is always there in Reddit even if numbers don’t say it.

Working on both platforms gives the writer a complete experience. Quora takes your answers to thousands of people with incredible reach to some of the answers while Reddit brings the reviews from real users instantly. You don’t need to spend time looking for topics now, let your audience give you the opportunity to express views and experience with a lot of love.

He also says, “I have found my purpose of writing which is driving me daily to write and engage. At DGTG, I consult businesses and start-ups for their marketing plans and my experience is refreshed every time. My purpose is to engage and talk with the audience and serve them the best quality content”. Literally, he proved the quote of today which is, “Content is the new code and best way to create content is to identify purpose.”

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