Meet Jai Karan Walia, the man behind Dubai's 'Clever Corp'

In conversation with one of the rising business magnates in Dubai - Jai Karan Walia, the man behind "Clever Corp".

The young business talent took out some time to answer our questions, talking about his journey and how he rose high with his business setup firm.

The level of success and the kind of momentum certain business sectors and fields have experienced so far is something that has astounded the world and has turned the heads of people globally. This is truly a great sight to behold, looking at how things have constantly been changing for the better, especially in the business realm with more and more entrepreneurs entering it and more robust companies coming into existence. However, it is imperative to also know how most of these entrepreneurs have initiated and set up their businesses, especially in cities like Dubai, which is known as a hub for all thing growth and innovation. Well, there are a few astute professionals and entrepreneurs like Jai Karan Walia, who have gone ahead in helping entrepreneurs and businesses build their sturdy positioning in their respective niche and emerge as winners in their sectors.

Today, we got the opportunity to get into a quick tete-a-tete (only virtually) with Jai Karan Walia and know more about his business and his journey.

• Let's start from the start..

Yes, why not! So, I came to Dubai in 2011, and to put in fancy words, "with many dreams in my eyes". Well, no matter how cliche this sounds, I did come with a lot of dreams, and Dubai gave me the power underneath my wings to help me fly to where I am today, helping people set up ace businesses in the UAE. I came to Dubai to study Mechanical Engineering and then graduated in 2015. Business was always in my blood as we had a Real Estate development family business in India. But, little did I know that I would start something of my own in a city like Dubai and create my unique niche.

• Kindly throw light on your business.

Well, I spearhead my company named 'Clever Corp", which thankfully is cleverly moving to the top in the business set up niche as one of the top business set up consultants in Dubai. It is a rising business advisory company based in Dubai that excels at providing advisory services and also help entrepreneurs and aspiring companies to set up the process of the new business across the UAE region.

• What is your unique niche?

Providing value to people by helping them in their journeys of setting up businesses and guiding them by turning their dreams into reality has now become our way of life and our unique niche. Also, it has now expanded in various fields of real estate and tax consultancy across the UAE.

• Why do you think business setup consultants are the need of the hour?

If we notice the constant developments and growth of varied businesses and brands, we also realize how different each of the company's journey has been. Not all entrepreneurs are prepared for that road that may come up with various struggles and hurdles, which are inevitable in setting up businesses. Today's entrepreneurs are much more aware of their goals and visions for their companies and require the right guidance for them to turn the same into fruition, which is where we enter the picture. Hence, I believe the need for business set up consultants has been consistently growing and are going to be a trend even for the future, as they can truly help build and set up a business and take entrepreneurs towards their path to success. They are indeed the need of the hour, looking at how the business world constantly evolves.

To gain more insights about him, follow him on Instagram @jaikaranwalia or visit Clever Corp's website,

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