Explained: When to buy or sell Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is all the rage now with many companies around the world including travel agencies, furniture stores, and common restaurants accepting it as payment. So when should you buy or sell cryptocurrency?

The New Bitcoin Wave

Bitcoin is one of many virtual currencies that is thought to be a very strong buying tool to use in the times to come. It’s a decentralized currency that exists mainly in digital form. It is not issued or guaranteed by central banks. It began in 2009 as an open source project and is shared over the online computer network with the benefit of having an untraceable transaction. The new system would enable anonymous payments. Bitcoin set a standard when it attracted the largest investment to date in virtual currency at a staggering $25 million. When the supplied amount reaches 21million bitcoins no more will be made. Entrepreneurs and other venture capitalists are being drawn to use the digital currency. Crypto has received some prominent investors such as Jim Breyer, a partner at Accel and early backer of Facebook. Google has joined in by investing in Ripple and Buttercoin, both bitcoin exchanges.

Fans of the new crypto currency say that the open protocols make it possible for payments to flow as cheaply and freely as email. This effect will begin a race to build low cost payment systems that would be founded on the new virtual currency. Currently the world pays an enormous 3 per cent tax on a large share of it’s payments. Nike, Wal-Mart, Lowes and CVS are among 700,000 other American businesses turning towards cryptocurrency like bitcoin. Economists predict bitcoin could add a new international monetary system. 36 cities across 20 states already allow citizens to pay for everything from bills to parking tickets using crypto like bitcoin.

The new currency system would completely redefine the way we think about money. Bitcoin could actually free citizens from the whims of central banks around the world. Some people are comparing it to Pay-Pal. Bitcoin will serve as an alternative to credit card and electronic check payments. Legitimate internet sites such as Reddit and Baidu are among others accepting the new currency.

Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency

People today are buying and selling cryptocurrency as a very easy way to conduct online transactions. The easiest way to think about buying and selling cryptocurrency from outside and investors perspective is to think of it like a currency exchange whereby you invest other fiat currency into a system in exchange for cryptocurrency that you can use at many online locations. Buying and selling cryptocurrency gives many people the opportunity to work exclusively in a digital capacity. You don't even have to do an exchange of your current money if you want to get started with cryptocurrency. Instead, you can simply offer services through online platforms that allow payments to be rendered using cryptocurrency. Then, when freelance jobs are completed, you can enjoy payments in whatever cryptocurrency you prefer most and then use it to shop online at your favorite restaurants, Forex Trading platforms, or even pay your bills with it.

Online Shopping With Cryptocurrency

That said, knowing when to buy or sell cryptocurrency is really based on what your personal needs are. Cryptocurrency is a very popular way to shop online. There are lots of online websites that accept cryptocurrency, including restaurants, travel agencies, Bitcoin casino banking, nonprofit organizations, and many more. If you want food you can shop online with crypto at:

  • Subway

  • Domino's Pizza

  • Burger King

If you plan to travel and need tickets for your flight you can buy Cryptocurrency in make your purchase at

  • Cheapair.com

  • Peach Aviation

  • Virgin Galactic

Low on gas? There gas stations around the world that allow consumers to use crypto such as:

  • Coinfuled

  • Oilfield Intel LLC

Planning to attend a university but you need somewhere that lets you pay for your education with cryptocurrency? You can attend

  • King's College in New York City

  • University of Cumbria

  • University of Nicosia

  • European School of Management and Technology in Berlin

Technology companies were among the first to accept cryptocurrency so you can make purchases with your online games or apps with Microsoft, pay for services with Intuit or PayPal. If you need to make investments you can do so with brokers like Avatrade, Plus 500, or markets.com. If you need new furniture, mogler designs based in South Africa except cryptocurrency and Menlo Park jewelry lets you buy the perfect necklace for your big event.

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