To Earth With Love: Spirituality meets design in Gitanjali Pahwa's book

Self-published on Amazon and Notionpress, this book is a story about an ordinary family seen through the eyes of a little soul, Thea, and her Earth family as they grapple with life and death. Using darkness as fuel and aware design as the method, the heavenly land of Eldium uses the Earth's unseen dimensions to plan for a fantastic future.

A reiki master, Pranic healer, past life regression therapist, Pahwa is also practicing crystal therapy, aroma therapy, Bach flower remedies, to name a few. She has worked in the corporate sector in graphic design and a business venture in luxury hospitality.

“I have always had a fondness for the written word. Despite friends' disapprovals, I continued to offer unsolicited grammatical corrections. Being a mother to my two children has been the most rewarding experience. My husband and I manage a homestay and Coffee Plantation. His deep sensitivity and introspective nature encouraged me to follow my heart, living amid nature,” says Pahwa. From a young age, she has been a clairvoyant and been exposed to various healing modalities. Living in the unseen dimension has always been a way of life for her, and a design education helped her see the possibilities of marrying spirituality and design.

To Earth With Love: Spirituality meets design in Gitanjali Pahwa's book

This is her first book and admits that it is certainly not her last. It was her compelling desire to bring together the fields of spirituality and design in a meaningful way that has resulted in this book. “After experimenting with various mediums, writing seems to have come most naturally to me,” says Pahwa. To make her point in this book, she was weaved a story set in a heavenly land that is closely associated with Earth and our normal lives. “This is seen through the eyes of baby soul, Thea, that shows the connection between the angelic beings and us. A quick read, it can be also seen as a self-help book, the lessons of which are brought out through the format of a story,” explains Pahwa.

While she took five months to write the book Pahwa admits that the seeds of the book and its concept have been in her mind for 25 years now. “But I cultivated discipline and actively worked on it. I have drawn from my personal experiences and tried to represent what is my 'real world' to our readers through a relatable story. Fiction, as in story. Fantasy, as in not what is perceived as 'normal' by most.” Quiz her is she faced the writer's block, she admits, “The fear of the blank page, the questioning of my credibility was crippling. I taught myself techniques to overcome this. Mind-mapping and free writing have been especially helpful.”

Also, with self-publishing become very easy now, she admits that anyone can have a voice easily. “The thought of being able to infuse a sense of well-being and purpose into many lives, through micro interventions is very exciting,” she admits. She is currently working on her next book, which looks at large scale systems of society and how approaching issues from the perspective of the world of energies can help build a brighter tomorrow. “I hope to eventually create a toolkit of sorts that helps build a sense of peace within each individual that can eventually have a large scale positive impact.”

This book is a result of a 25 year long passion to explore the hidden dimensions of our wonderful world, for holistic solutions, through practical tools, that can add value to our existence. So do pick up a copy of the book to explore the possibilities of a holistic tomorrow.

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