A Puppy’s Guide To Indian Religious Wisdom review: A relook at Advaita Vedanta through a dog’s eyes

Can subtlety and profundity be expressed without complexity and bafflement is a question that keeps on emerging time and again while reading A Puppy’s Guide To Indian Religious Wisdom by Hari Haran. Much to our pleasure, the answer is in affirmation.

The author of the book seems incredibly well-versed with the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, which is presented in quite a novel and innovative way through the course of this book. Though several great mystics and erudite scholars have time and again attempted to reflect on the subject of Advaita Vedanta, their tomes of treatises do not cut much ice with the ordinary readers as most of their illustrations are often riddled with unfathomable complexities. But unlike several other sets of existing books on the similar theme, the author of this work deserves adulation for the extraordinarily charming method he adopts to unfold the narration.

A Puppy’s Guide To Indian Religious Wisdom review: A relook at Advaita Vedanta through a dog’s eyes

The narrator, who sheds light on the concept of Advaita Vedanta, is not any learned sage or seer in the conventional sense. Rather, the narrator, Vasu, slips into a dog’s body and illuminates the paths for umpteen seekers who are on their constant pursuit of unravelling the metaphysical aspect of the universe. The fact can not be refuted that since the inception of the mankind on this earth, man has been confronted with fathomless existential dilemmas. His quest to mingle with his origin is perpetual and endless. Whenever such existential conflicts and identity crisis grip the wayward mind of a man, spirituality and mysticism come for ward to rescue the directionless individuals who otherwise keep groping in the labyrinths of darkness.

Such is the magical charisma of this book, which is loaded with ancient Indian wisdom and deep insights from our scriptures like Upanishads. Though what gratifies a sane reader all the more is the fact that no dogma has been perpetuated through the narrative of the book. With an absolute sense of secularism the author presents innumerable different definitions and multiple dimensions of religion and spirituality which in the process of their understanding give birth to a slew of new critical observations pertaining to the subtlest concept of Advaita Vedanta.

Book: A Puppy’s Guide To Indian Religious Wisdom

Author: Hari Haran

Publisher: Leadstart

Pages: 187

Price: Rs 199

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