BHOPAL : The proposed plan of shifting the contentious slaughterhouse to Arera Hills has made the residents of the adjacent colonies not just loose their patience but has also left them worried about the hazardous environment it can create. While talking to Free Press the residents of Green Meadowss, shared how the slaughterhouse can become a trouble for their lives and why they are opposing its shifting. Most of the residents are not concerned about the political upsurge; they just don’t want any slaughterhouse around their houses.

Protestors crate ruckus during collector hearing

Shiv Sena and 26 out of 38 objection raisers protested at collector office on Monday in the special hearing of SDM Pradeep Sharma. The residents of Green Meadows shouted slogans in the court room against shifting the slaughter house from Jinsi to Stud Farm. Even after being declared government holiday, SDM office was open to specially hear objection raised by the residents. About 38 objections were received by the collector office from which 26 objectioner showed up for the hearing.

Kiran Swaroop, resident

“I am not very much aware of the political reasons people are citing. I don’t want that slaughter house beside my house because I am more worried about the safety of the area and families living here. The Jinsi area stinks because of that and we also don’t know what type of people will come. “

Renu Bhargava, president, Green Meadowss welfare society

“Not just one, we have many reasons for not allowing the slaughterhouse being shifted here. Firstly, the residents are concerned about the foul smell it would lead to and they are also concerned about security issues it can bring up. People here are more worried about the environment. It is heartening that we are receiving support from a lot of people and hopefully this will not happen.”

Usha Sharma, resident

“I am more worried about the environment. I have visited the areas around Jinsi slaughterhouse. One cannot live there. We cannot even imagine what that massive slaughter place will come up with? We anyhow don’t want that beside our colonies.”

Sarnath Kumar, resident

“I am myself a non vegetarian but I still don’t want this to come up near our colony. There are so many other places where it can be taken. Developing such a huge slaughterhouse for commercial purpose, in between residential area does not makes any sense. The area is one of the prime locations in Bhopal, this will waste the land.”

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