No masks, sanitisers or social distancing; Bhopal seems to have thrown Covid caution to the winds

Bhopal: No masks, no sanitisers and no social distancing! This is the reality in Bhopal even when the fear of coronavirus infection stalks people and the number of cases is on the rise.

Officials claim that Bhopal is now a ‘safe zone’ and there is hardly any need to strictly enforce the guidelines issued during the lockdown when corona cases were on the rise. Experts, on the other hand, warn of severe consequences in case of any carelessness.

The civic body has not issued challans for not wearing masks for over two months now. The use of sanitisers is limited to only hospitals and government offices, or big restaurants. Sanitiser sales have dipped to 10 per cent compared to the figures during the period immediately after the lockdown. On the other hand, no guidelines on social distancing are present in the district.

During the lockdown, the number of challans for not wearing masks would reach more than 300 in a day. But now, for over two months, no challans have been issued for not wearing masks in Bhopal.

On the other hand, there is no market or area in Bhopal where social distancing is being mandatorily followed.

Officials of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) say that their primary focus now is the Cleanliness Survey and reduction in use of plastic.

Can’t impose rules now

"The fear of corona has now ended and we can’t enforce social distancing rules now. The situation in the post-lockdown period demanded the imposition of such rules and we used to fine people for stepping out and not adhering to social distancing norms. But now, things are getting better," said Avinash Lavania, Bhopal collector.

Concentrating on survey

"We’re now concentrating on the survey related to the Swachh Bharat Mission and on reducing plastic waste in Bhopal. The fine for not wearing masks will be imposed whenever it’s required," said MP Singh, additional commissioner, BMC.

Can’t be complacent

"The fear of corona is still around and it has increased in many European nations. If we fail to take it seriously now, we may face the consequences. Even after vaccination, we have to wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus. Patients who are under observation are also a serious threat and we have to be careful until vaccination is carried out on all," said Dr Lokendra Dave, chest physician.

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