Madhya Pradesh: When the going gets tough…‘Desh Bhakti Janseva’ made cops get going during lockdown: Study

BHOPAL: ‘Desh Bhakti Janseva’ was the motto that drove hundreds of police constables to dedicatedly serve 24x7 during the challenging pandemic times, says a study carried out by Internal Communications, Motivations and Agency in the Police Force. The survey was conducted by DSP rank officers between July 22 and August 11, 2020.

The study report was released by DGP Vivek Johri on Tuesday. Though merely 1.6 per cent of constables participated in the survey, it nevertheless has brought to fore the dedication and endurance of the corona frontline workers during the corona-induced lockdown.

More than 72 per cent of the constables accepted that ‘as a police officer one has to serve the citizens in every situation in spite of the risk’. More than 44 per cent of them 'claim that their training has prepared them to take any challenge’.More than 11 percent feared that if they disobey the orders it will be bad for the job and the career.

  • 44% say their training prepared them to take any challenge

  • 11 % feared their disobey will not augur well for job & career

  • 3% served during lockdown fearing punishment, pay cut and inquiry

When the constables were asked ‘How would you describe your experience of managing the lockdown’, only three percent said they served fearing the punishment, pay cut and inquiry, while others said that that their moto ‘Desh Bhakti Janseva’ inspired them to during Covid-19 .

However, merely 18% of the cops were appreciated by the superiors. More than 16 percent had decided to work together with their colleague to take on a challenge. The study also indicates a balance between constables who enjoyed some degree of autonomy (47%). But 52 percent of them followed the orders strictly. The degree of autonomy varied from complete freedom which is (-17 per cent) to some degree of freedom (-31 per cent) where constables kept orders in mind and made customisation wherever necessary.

9 % constables used force during lockdown: More than six percent of the constables had imposed the fine on the curfew violators during the lockdown, while more than 72 per cent counselled people to go back home and explained to them the repercussions of violating the lockdown. Around 9 per cent of the cops used mild force and made sure that the curfew violators understood the ills of flouting the lockdown rules.

Madhya Pradesh: When the going gets tough…‘Desh Bhakti Janseva’ made cops get going during lockdown: Study

Multiple responsibilities of corona warriors: During lockdown, the constables had the responsibility to regulate the public movement and enforce restrictions. Helping health officials in contact tracing, ensuring compliance with compulsory quarantine orders were also handled by the cops during the corona-induced lockdown. Motivating people and entertaining them by singing songs, making videos, supplying food, attending distress calls, looking into cases of domestic violence were among the responsibilities the cops handled while performing their regular duties.

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