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BHOPAL: In the year 2020, the police department had organised training sessions for its personnel and, in the feedback, 24 per cent of the trainers feel that they failed in implementing the training methodology while imparting training to the personnel. Various police training centres and institutes have organised online training sessions because of the corona guidelines. At the training sessions, more than 9,000 participants were involved. After the training, feedback was taken in which some of them said they had found it useless.

More than 10 per cent of the trainers feel that the training was partially successful. More than 20 per cent did not use the audiovisual techniques while imparting training. More than 24 per cent of the trainers had not used the ‘training lesson planning’, before the training. More than 24 per cent also did not use the participatory learning method. More than 10 per cent of the trainers had not even taken feedback from the participants.

When the trainee police personnel were asked ‘Did you learn any new skills?’ around 10 per cent did not agree. Several of them denied that their knowledge level had increased, whereas more than 40 per cent agreed. When asked whether the training had upgraded their knowledge about law and its procedure, many of them said ‘No’, whereas around 31 per cent said ‘Yes’. Only 28 per cent of them agreed that these training sessions had changed their behaviour and several of them denied.

The training observers had also participated in the feedback and only 18 per cent of them found that the trainees had learnt the skills. Only 24 per cent of them felt that the trainees had upgraded their knowledge through the training session. More than 16 percent of the observers are adamant that the trainees did not use their skills and knowledge practically.

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