BHOPAL: The future of a dozen politicians who switched over to other parties before the by-elections is uncertain.

Six of the 22 supporters of Rajya Sabha MP Jyotiraditya Scindia who switched over to the BJP from the Congress lost the recently held by-elections.The BJP has yet to take a decision on how to use these six supporters Scindia in future.

Imarti Devi, Girraj Dandotia, Ranveer Jatav, Jaswant Jatav, Munnalal Goyal and Raghuraj Singh Kansana lost the by-polls.

Another politician Aidal Singh Kansana who joined the BJP was also defeated.

Similarly, the politicians like Parul Sahu, Premchand Guddu and KL Agarwal who defected to the Congress from the BJP had to face defeat.

Satyaprakash Sakhwar who defected to the Congress from the BSP suffered a setback in the by-elections. As they lost the by-elections on the Congress ticket, they have little use in the party.

The problem with these leaders is that their influence in their respective constituencies has waned after they switched over to other parties.

Scindia’s supporters have already begun to heap pressure on the BJP that they should be adjusted to any place.

The defeated supporters of Scindia want that they should be appointed to some corporations so that they remain politically significant. Now that they lost by-elections, it is doubtful whether they will get tickets in the next Vidhan Sabha polls.

Although they belong to the ruling party, there are few in the government to listen to them because of the influential local BJP leaders.

Those who switched over to the Congress from the BJP and other parties are in a bad state. An influential former BJP leader Parul Sahu who had to bite the dust in the by-polls on Congress ticket has lost importance in the party.

Similar is the condition of Agarwal. Being an old Congress man, Guddu is trying to get adjusted to the party. According to political analysts, the biggest disadvantage of changing party is that once the party-hoppers lose elections their importance in the party they joined diminishes.

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