Updated on: Monday, November 15, 2021, 11:39 PM IST

Madhya Pradesh: Excited after PM’s address, tribals seek more attention to their problems

Free Press spoke to a section of tribals to know their problems
Tribals at Jamboori maidan |

Tribals at Jamboori maidan |


Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Excited after attending the meeting addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi here on Monday, a number of tribals whom Free Press spoke to wanted government to pay more attention to problems in their areas. Some of them felt that government was doing a good job.

Free Press spoke to a section of tribals to know their problems. Excerpts

What they want?

Need doctors

Ishwar Singh, Dindori: Hospital in our area lacks doctors. In schools, one teacher teaches all the subjects. Shahdol, Dindori districts are worst hit due to poverty and lack of facilities.

No money

Fagulal, Dogaria, Raisen: We do not have money to purchase motor pumps to irrigate agriculture field. Power supply often gets disrupted due to low voltage. During pandemic time, we face financial hardship.


Rahul Dhruve, Balaghat: Employment is big issue. We are doing agriculture work as we do not have job. As for agriculture, there are problems like power cuts that lead to losses.

Acute shortage

Ranjit Singh, Susner: Power shortage is acute. We do not get proper power supply for irrigation. Fertiliser crisis has deteriorated condition. Tribals do not have sufficient money to purchase fertilisers.

Govt help

Ram Prasad Kurku, Burhanpur: Problems are there but government is solving them. We cooperate with government as it is not possible to do anything without cooperation. So, we hope that situation will improve in days to come.

Inflation persists

Ram Barose Markam, Sanchi: Paddy crops have been harvested. We don’t own land, so, we do not visit mandi to sell it. Somehow, we manage our families. Main thing is inflation. Even after lowering price of petrol and diesel, inflation persists.”

Financial constraints

Bharat Singh, Khandwa: Main problem is irrigation of agriculture field. Tribals are not financially well off. So, they do not have money to purchase motor pumps, fertilisers.

We’re poor

Ramlal Kulaste, Mandla: Situation is worse because we are poor. Financial crisis is big problem for us. We cannot afford to purchase motor pumps for irrigation. We are labourers.

Rs 3,500 only

Guest teacher Kalyan Singh, Raisen: We are given Rs 5,000 per month but we get Rs 3,500 in hand after deducting pay of holidays. We do not get pay of even government holidays.

Hit by pandemic

Pawan Singh Raghu, Vidisha: Schools lack teachers. So, it is big setback for children. Government should focus on it. Unemployment is big problem. Pandemic has made situation worse.

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Published on: Monday, November 15, 2021, 11:39 PM IST