Barwani : The chief executive officer of Janpad Panchayat, Barwani has been given the responsibilities of three departments including the charge of Borlay Higher Secondary School as principal, CEO of Janpad Panchayat Barwani and the charge of BO, Barwani. However, other efficient officers are also there in the district, which could be given the charge of other departments.

On being asked about the reason of giving all the main responsibilities to him, CEO RK Sharma said that he has that capability of fulfilling all the responsibilities and he has also given the satisfactory outcomes.

Whereas, on the contrary, this year the exam result of the district is quite a matter of worry, especially the result of high schools and government schools. The higher officials are also reviewing the results. In this regards, district education officer, SR Achale informed that there is a scarcity of principals in the government schools, which led to bad exam results.

When Achale was asked about the three charges, which CEO Sharma is handling, he said that it is totally wrong. He said that due to the other responsibilities, the main works are being hampered and the school results have clearly shown that. The responsibility of the principal should be given to some other qualified official so that his focus would be only towards the school and education.

Apart from the school works, other works are also hampering, as employees working in those department did not have their superior present all the time so they work as per their wishes due to which villagers are facing many problems.

All the three departments are in a mess and there is a need of separate officials for each department so that their focus could not be diverted.

Free Press Journal