Updated on: Saturday, May 30, 2020, 12:23 AM IST

Coronavirus in Bhopal: After Jamaatis and Jehangirabad, new areas become hotspot

Corona pandemic shows little signs of abatement
Bhopal |

Bhopal |


The corona pandemic which burnt its way to the state capital on March 22 has shown little signs of abetting.

Jamaatis were initially blamed for spreading the disease. The infection that began to spread from Jamaatis has afflicted the officials of health department, police, residents of Jehangirabad, Malgalwada, Jatkhedi and Barkhedi. Now, it has spread to some of the employees in Raj Bhawan.

The government offers fresh reasons every time when new cases come to light.

Earlier, residents in Jeharingabad were blamed for the spread of the disease, because they did not follow social distancing norms.

The health department was also held responsible for the spread of the disease.

When the officials were involved in blame game, those who were really responsible for it remained safe.

Perhaps, Bhopal is the first city where swab samples of the infected people were not tested through contact tracing. Instead, people suspected of corona were called through public announcement for testing.

Some of the corona-infected residents of Jehangirabad were shifted to other places where chances of spreading the disease have increased.

The administration has completed only formalities by putting up barricades on the roads in containment areas.

Nevertheless, the government should have collected the swab samples of those who came in contact with the infected person.

The reports of swab sampling are received after a long time, and by the time it is obtained, the infected person has passed on the virus to others.

A fresh cause is always offered for spread of the disease after a few days.

The pandemic shows no signs of abetting in the state capital. Rather than ebbing, the number of cases shoots up with each passing day.

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Published on: Saturday, May 30, 2020, 05:00 AM IST