CM exalts farmers, youth of Bihar; arraigns Cong for ‘destroying the nation’

BHOPAL: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan on Friday, addressed election meetings in West Champaran and East Champaran of Bihar. Chauhan said Bihar, despite being full of resources, was suffering from the politics of caste and creed. Remembering Mahatma Gandhi’s agitation against the British, Chauhan said the land where indigo was produced once, was now being used for the politics of casteism. He said the Central government led by Narendra Modi and BJP’s chief minister in Bihar would together put an end to the politics of casteism in Bihar.

Chauhan said the farmers of Bihar had land which produced gold but they were financially weak and they had no option other than farming. Citing example of Madhya Pradesh, Chauhan said Narmada and Shipra rivers had been linked in the state to ensure water to the farmers for farming. He said farmers growing sugarcane in Bihar must also get additional bonus.

Shivraj claimed the Congress and other parties merely asked for votes and made promises but the BJP did solid work.  He alleged the Congress had destroyed the nation and lowered the dignity of the post of prime minister. He said Bihar had been a state, which was rich from religious, cultural and academic points of view, but the politics of this place had made it backward. He said the youth of Bihar were talented but they didn’t get facilities to study.

Chauhan alleged during Congress regime, the prices had gone up and there had been a flood of scams. He urged the public to sever their relations with the Congress.

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