Updated on: Friday, August 06, 2021, 10:51 PM IST

Bhopal: Sun shows up for a while in afternoon

But the sky remains dark and ready to pelt the state capital with more rains
People enjoying the scenic beauty of Bhopal during Monsoon  | FP photo

People enjoying the scenic beauty of Bhopal during Monsoon | FP photo


Bhopal: The sun which has been out of sight for a week just appeared for a while in the afternoon on Friday.

The lamp of the earth glided out of sight as suddenly as it appeared. The flash of smile that the grey welkin sported too disappeared.

The clouds are still hovering over the city firmaments. As a result, in the past one week, while Bhopalis have slept, and while they have woken up, it has been a wet weather.

The weather office says the city is in for more rainfall. The reservoirs are full to the brim.

The Upper Lake looked withered only a fortnight ago, but, now, it is just five feet below the full tank level.

At present, its level is 1661.4ft. The monsoon has drenched the city as well as brought down temperatures by several degrees.

The forests have turned greener that they usually are. Meadows and hillocks look misty.

The potholed roads filled with rainwater are posing danger to bikers and pedestrians.

The rainwater has begun to drip through the roofs and walls of many houses. Musty smell has begun emanate from clothes kept in boxes and in cupboards. The walls and ceilings, too, have developed black spots.

The plasters of the rain-doused walls of old houses have begun to peel off like a label from a wet packet.

The state capital has, so far, received 615.1mm rainfall. It is more than the average rainfall that the city usually gets in the monsoon.

Besides the Upper Lake, the other reservoirs, like Kolar dam, Kerwan dam, Kaliasot dam and Hathaikheda dam, are gradually reaching full tank level.

The weather office forecasts more rainfall in the coming days. Therefore, the water reservoirs will soon reach the full tank level.

The rain-drenched tree leaves have begun to glisten. The excess rainfall has, however, drowned different areas in the state, causing sufferings to people.

Many of them have become roofless. They are living in relief camps. Now, everyone is waiting for the sun to emerge.

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Published on: Friday, August 06, 2021, 10:52 PM IST