Bawdi filled with garbage and religious waste.
Bawdi filled with garbage and religious waste.

Bhopal: It’s over a week but civic authorities are still to fix overflowing sewage tanks in Baghmughalia extension  area. Clogged drains and overflowing sewer tanks are causing huge inconvenience to residents here, however, the civic authorities are still to take concrete step to address the issue.

While, chocked bathroom lines and overflowing sewage tank made a family to temporarily move to their relatives place, there are others who are left with no option but to use neighbours washroom. As some of the residents took to social media to raise the issue, a BMC team was rushed to the locality to clear the mess, but that too manually.

A week back, the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) was approached requesting to clean up the drains, however, the civic body, did the formality of sending employees to clean the blocked drain manually, which helped but only for a short duration, complained the residents Manohar Dhoke, who lives in Laharpur in Baghmughalia extension has moved to his in-laws place in Ayodhya Nagar as the authorities have failed to address his complaint of overflowing sewage tank at his residence.

Inconvenience and health concern drove Dhoke, who works with Narmada Valley development authority (NVDA), to move to his in-laws house. Dhoke said that his daughter and son-in-law were to visit him on Monday, however, he asked them to postpone their visit as he himself had moved to his relative place because of the chocked toilet lines in his house.

The resident said that he had approached the BMC to clean the chocked sewage lines, however, his complaint remained unaddressed. BMC had cited shortage of required machines and staff as reasons for not undertaking the cleaning of the chocked sewage lines, he stated.

A resident, Umashankar Tiwari, complained that main sewer line often gets chocked and this leads to clogged toilets lines. The sewage pipelines are old and narrow and need to be replaced with broader one in view of rise in number of inhabitants in the locality, he added.

Dr Rajendra Rathore, who also resides in the area, said that chocking of sever line is common issue in the area. “When my toilet sever line got chocked, I had to wait for over fifteen days to get it clear. And I had no option but to use neighbor’s washroom for a few days.” There are 1200 quarters in the locality and the issue of chocked sewage lines keeps pouring in regularly, said Rathore.