BHOPAL: The decision of the government to ban plastic carry bags from May 1 has now been put on hold due to assembly session. Necessary notification / ordinance is yet to be issued / promulgated regarding the same. It may take some more days for the decision to be implemented. Free Press spoke to traders to have their views on the advisability of the decision and most are yet to decide on alternatives.

Rajeev Jain, owner, Rajeev Kirana Store

Humein achchhe se maloom tha ki tarikh badhegi (We know this very well that the date will exceeds). It has happened so many times earlier.  We also know the government policies of our country very well. We didn’t have any other alternative to polythene. We are already in loss due to hike in price of articles, especially groceries items from day to day. From where will we manage money for bags, made of clothes? Earlier, we used to paper envelope but its manufacturing has been closed now due to widespread use of plastic. To ban plastic bags completely is not government’s cup of tea.

Raju Gokhle, owner, Annapurna Sweet Shop

Yes, I know that polythene was about to be banned from May 1 but still it is on hold. Whenever it is compulsory, we will have to follow. However, I haven’t kept any alternatives to plastic bags in my shop till now because I left the decision on customers. If it is compulsory once then customers automatically start bringing bags from their home. Zaroorat padne par insan kuch bhi karne lagta hai.  For example people had to change notes during demonetisation. And I think plastic should be banned immediately because it is polluting our environment very badly.

NK Rathore, owner, Vashika Suite

Still, I am using plastic bags only but if ban is compulsory then we will think of bags made of clothes. Nowadays, every single thing including liquid items is being sold in plastic bags and people have become used to it. So, I think, it would be impossible to ban plastic completely.  Still there is confusion among shopkeepers as well as plastic manufactures whether the ban would be implemented on all plastic bags or some limited types of plastic bags.

Mohd Navee, vegetable seller

Yes, I read in newspaper that the date of plastic ban has been postponed. But we are not getting it for the last two days from manufacturers. We are using our earlier stalks. See, we have no problem in banning plastic bags. In fact it is good for us. We wouldn’t have to spend extra money in purchasing the bags. We can’t do anything in it. Customers will have to take initiative. Janbhagidari bahot zaroori hai (mass participation is a must.)

“It will take time but we can’t be exact. We will release ordinance regarding this after assembly session.”

Malay Shrivastav, Principal Secretary, Urban Development and Environment Department.

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