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World Toilet Day 2021: A look at loo-themed restaurants around the world

Magic Restroom Cafe in Los Angeles, USA |

Magic Restroom Cafe in Los Angeles, USA |


Who knew toilets would have an entire day on the calendar devoted to awareness. Yes, believe it or not, on November 19, World Toilet Day is observed globally.

But, why would such an ordinary household device have a whole day dedicated to it every year?

Without toilets and sanitation systems, our health, water resources and environment would face severe negative consequences. Throughout history and, even today, many diseases, illnesses and deaths have been caused by a lack of toilets and sanitary systems.

From youth-oriented cafes to vibrant colored restaurants, food hubs have been trying their best to make it atmospheric and happening. One such example of this modernization are these toilet-themed restaurants around the world.

There are some of the weirdest restaurants in world which relate with World Toilet Day. Since all we eat must go down the bowl, a toilet bowl, that is, the owners of these restaurants probably thought why not eat out of them as well.

Here are some of toilet-themed restaurants in different corners of the world:

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan:

This restaurant welcomes its customers with a happy Poop-face, has toilet-seat seating, and is decorated with shower heads and faeces-shaped lights. Dishes are served in miniature tubs, sinks or toilets. In fact, there are dishes that look like poop (ice-creams). This strange place is so successful that it has now opened at 10 locations in Taiwan.


Crazy Toilet Cafe, Moscow, Russia:

The restaurant. which is the latest entrant to this bizarre list, makes sure the person loses his appetite before even starting to eat because not only are the interiors lavatorial, but the food looks similar as well (the taste is reportedly good, though). This one also serves drinks in urinals!


Das Klo, Berlin, Germany:

Das Klo, which means The Toilet in German, is indeed one of the most eccentric bars in the world because it's broadly themed on toilets but is fully equipped with ghostly dummies protruding from the walls. People drink beers out of urine bottles and eat from hospital trays.

T-Bowl, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

This concept restaurant has toilet chairs, basin-like tables, utensils are bath tubs and men's cubicles and the food looks like poop but it's not.


W'Duck, Matosinhos, Portugal:

If you thought toilets and finery could not match, think again. At this fine-dining restaurant, you may end up sitting on toilet seats for your meal, but the rest of the decor and food is all upscale.

Magic Restroom Cafe, Los Angeles, USA:

The Magic Restroom Cafe in LA has 'Golden Poop Rice' on its menu and even a 'Bloody Number Two' ice-cream (the bathroom should be close by, should you need it). The owner was impressed with the toilet-themed restaurants in Asia, and decided to open one in the US.

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