Sex, Drugs, Illegitimate Children! 7 startling allegations made by Imran Khan’s ex-wife Reham in her book

The famous Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan is being accused of living a bizarre life. In her autobiography, Reham Khan, former wife of the cricketer has alleged that the politician was fond of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” and a father of “illegitimate children”, including a few Indians. The book before its release itself landed into a controversy after extracts from its manuscript that talked of Imran Khan’s alleged affairs, including homosexual flings, surfaced online. The book titled ‘Reham Khan’ contain details about former couple’s troubled 10-month marriage and Imran’s involvement in politics at the time. It also includes alleged details of personal issues which have drawn defamation suits. Meanwhile, the book carrying many revelations was surprise-released on July 12 on Amazon.

Here we see some of the shocking claims being made in the book ‘Reham Khan’

Illegitimate children

In the latest revelation, Reham Khan has alleged that the former Pakistan cricket captain has five illegitimate children and some of them are Indians ‘that he knew of’. The book also claims that only Jemima Goldsmith, Imran’s first wife was aware of the illegitimate children other than Reham Khan.

Sexual favours

Reham Khan has also alleged that Imran required sexual favours in exchange for political appointments in his party, had illegal sexual relations with boys in his Islamabad residence and conducted an adulterous affair with another woman while being married to her – that other woman being his current wife.


Rehan says Imran, a possible prime ministerial candidate in the upcoming General election in Pakistan, cannot read the Quran. Reham also says in her book that one day during Ramzan, Imran told her eldest son that he was a confused atheist.

She also says that Imran is a black magic practitioner. While describing one such incident, Reham said once Imran Khan rubbed black lentils all over his naked body to ‘ward off a curse’.


Reham also writes that once she caught Imran red-handed snorting coke in the bathroom. While he allegedly assured her that she need not worry about his drug problem, she claims that the habit never stopped. She also writes about how he used a mouth guard to stop his teeth from clenching due to the effects of coke. He also did heroin, the book claims. She further writes that Imran had possession of all sorts of tranquillisers, mainly benzodiazepines like Xanax and Lexotanil and also the banned Rohypnol.

Narendra Modi

In her book, Reham revels that she asked him to take a cue from Indian PM Narendra Modi. She wrote in her book: “I knew it wasn’t happening. It was all over as we had predicted, but I didn’t have the heart to ever say that after we got married. I assured him that I would have a green silk suit ready… I would gently and repeatedly give the example of Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, who was Chief Minister of Gujarat for a decade, and then elected to the top job because his seemingly strong governance record, despite all the other negative baggage.”

Jemima Khan

Besides the other personalities, Reham targets Jemina Goldsmith, heiress of a British Jewish millionaire, who married Imran Khan in 1995. In her book, Reham writes that more than the Sharif family, it was Jemima who was damaging Imran’s politics. Reham Khan also goes on to write that Imran regretted marrying Jemima. “You know, I cried on the night of our wedding reception when I got married to Jemima…Jemima had a few drinks at the reception and passed out. I cried myself to sleep,” Reham quotes Imran as allegedly saying. Further, the book also claims that Jemima had a bad temper and that Imran used to physically abuse her.

Further, the book also alleges that Imran Khan forced a young girl to abort her pregnancy. While Imran has refuted the allegations in public, Reham claims that he did indeed tell her that it was the truth. Reham also writes about a sexual encounter between Imran and a transgender dancer.

Pervez Khattar addicted to marijuana

Reham writes in her book that senior PTI leader Pervez Khattar was addicted to marijuana. “The most common rumour in PTI circles was of the Chief Minister’s fondness for weed…. I only saw that the Chief Minister wouldn’t eat much, but couldn’t stop heaping sugar into his tea. When I shared the gossip of the ‘Charsi’ nickname the CM had earned and asked if it was true, Imran merely giggled in agreement,” she writes.

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