A picture of Natalie Barnett.
A picture of Natalie Barnett.
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If you’ve ever seen the movie Orphan, you’ll always be sceptical about adoption. In the movie, a couple adopts a child who turns out to be an adult woman and also a sociopath. The movie is capable of making anyone who has decided to adopt reconsider their decision.

However, wouldn't it be weird if the story was real?

To the horror of everyone who has watched the movie, a couple from Indiana reportedly adopted an adult woman who was impersonating as a child.

Natalie Barnetts, the child imposter was adopted by the Barnetts couple from an orphanage in Florida in the year 2010. At the time of adoption, Natalie had a Ukranian birth certificate, according to which she was six-year-old then.

Sometime after she was settled in with Barnetts, she started behaving questionably. Kristine Barnett, Natalie’s the adopted mother said Natalie would threaten to kill them, jump out of cars, and draw pictures suggesting she wanted to kill the family members.

Natalie also went on record about Natalie being an adult woman as she had periods and pubic hair. She said, "I was giving her a bath and I noticed that she had full pubic hair. I was so shocked. I had just been told she was a six-year-old and it was very apparent she wasn't."

The Barnetts consulted doctors and found out that Natalie had a severe psychological illness only diagnosed in adults. Therefore, the couple sought medical help for her, but she continued to threaten them.

The couple was charged for abandoning their 9-year-old child and fleeing to Canada a few years later. However, as the investigations started, it was revealed that Natalie was not a child. Natalie was an adult woman suffering from a rare kind of dwarfism and sociopathy. However, the actual age of Natalie is still not confirmed as she went missing in 2013.

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