HighFive: Theme – Halle Berry

Perfect Stranger 

Reporter Rowena (Halle Berry) is working on a case along with Miles (Giovanni Ribisi). Rowena meets childhood friend Grace (Nicki Aycox), who is having an extramarital affair with Hill (Bruce Willis). But when Grace is found dead, Rowena suspects Hill and he gets arrested for murder. After Hill’s conviction, Miles tells Rowena that he knows she is the real killer and had framed Hill. In a flashback it is revealed that Rowena’s father tried to molest her and her mother had killed him. Grace had seen them burying his body and began blackmailing Rowena so Rowena plotted to end the blackmail saga and pinned the murder on Hill. Watch this neo-noir psychological thriller about web abuse to see if Rowena gets convicted for the crime.


HighFive: Theme – Halle Berry

Patience (Halle Berry) is introverted and works for a company manufacturing a new anti-ageing skin cream along with her friend Sally (Alex Borstein). On one occasion Patience overhears a conversation between scientist Dr Slavicky and Laurel (Sharon Stone), the wife of company owner George Hedare (Lambert Wilson) about the dangerous side effects of using the product over a period of time. On realising that she has been found out, Patience tries to escape through a pipe but some guards flush her out of it, drowning her. Patience is brought back to life by an Egyptian cat and from then on she develops cat-like abilities and realises that she is becoming a ‘catwoman’. Watch this fast-paced superhero action thriller to see who is behind her death.


HighFive: Theme – Halle Berry

Trying to avoid a girl (Kathleen Mackey) while driving home, psychiatrist Dr Miranda Grey (Halle Berry) has an accident. When Miranda reaches out to help, the girl turns out to be a ghost and possesses her. When Miranda gains consciousness, she is being treated in the same hospital where she used to work and is also suspected for her husband Douglas’s murder. Miranda bonds with former patient Chloe (Penélope Cruz) whose claims of being raped in hospital were treated as a mental illness. One night, Miranda sees Chloe being raped by a man with a distinct tattoo. Miranda realises that the ghost she saw on the road that fateful day had used her body to murder Douglas and frame her. Why did the girl kill Miranda’s husband and who’s the man with the tattoo?   


Stanley (Hugh Jackman) gets arrested for hacking into a FBI website. On getting out of jail, and in view of his talent, Stanley is approached b

HighFive: Theme – Halle Berry

y Ginger (Halle Berry) and meets Gabriel (John Travolta). Gabriel at gunpoint tells Stanley to hack in to a government system in 60 seconds and Stanley manages to do so, passing the test. Ginger claims that she’s undercover from DEA and Gabriel claims to work for an anti-terrorist organisation. Ginger gets killed, and Gabriel’s helicopter is shot down, but the body recovered is that of a former Mossad agent. Watch this action crime thriller film to know if Ginger and Gabriel are who they claim to be and to know their real purpose for hiring Stanley.

Monster’s Ball 

HighFive: Theme – Halle Berry

Widower Hank (Billy Bob Thornton) and his son Sonny are prison guards. Hank is overseeing the execution of a murderer Lawrence (Sean Combs) and Sonny throws up. Later this leads to a massive tiff between the two and when Hank says he hates him, Sonny says he always loved him and shoots himself in the heart. Hank buries Sonny in the backyard. Lawrence’s wife Leticia (Halle Berry) meets Hank when her son gets hit by a car and later dies. Hank realises that Leticia is Lawrence’s widow but does not tell her that he took part in her husband’s execution. Hank’s racist father humiliates Leticia so Hank sends his father to a nursing home and asks homeless Leticia to move in with him. She later discovers Hank’s involvement and waits for him to return home. What will be her next course of action?

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